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"A reticent and intimidating- looking farmer. Although he comes off as curt, he's really quite kind. He's concerned about the health of his animals, as nothing he tries to do seems to help them..."
―In-Game Description

Braden is a marriage candidate in Harvest Moon: One World.

Braden resides in the verdant grasslands of Calisson, which is a small hamlet where he is frequently trailed by a local boy named Elijah. While Braden at first may seem rather grumpy, his surly demeanor is fueled by his concern for the animals on his farm, which is in danger of closing due to the animals falling ill.


Gift Preferences
Liked "“Well, this is a mighty fine gift! You’re really givin’ this to me? ...Thanks, y/n. I really appreciate it.”"
Hot Chocolate, Marguerite
Neutral "“For me? Aw, thanks, y/n.”"
All items not listed
Disliked ""Uh.. Well, I appreciate the thought... But I'm not a big fan of this sorta thing. Sorry...""

Heart Events

Heart Event 1

Elijah is excited over being taught how to paint by Braden and tells the player about a famous artist named 'Hazy Doe' and how he aspires to be just like them.

  • You'll get there for sure!

Braden doesn't agree. It's good to have goals but you have to remember you have to actually work hard to achieve them. The player then interjects about how they'd like to paint and Braden suggests Cheese. Elijah comments on how Braden is smiling more than usual, which makes him flustered and the two leave.

  • It depends on how hard you work.
  • You need to develop your own style

Heart Event 2

Heart Event 3

Hearr Event 4


A Request from Braden - "Deliver the item requested in the letter."
    Requested Item             Reward
Sweet Potato x2 Milk x10
Turnip x2 Milk x5
Sunflower x4 Ginkgo Lumber x10

Hold the Equestrian Challenge - "Help Braden revive the Equestrian Challenge. Bring the requested materials to Braden"

    Requested Item             Reward
Oak Lumber x10 Equestrian Challenge Unlocked