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Brandon (ブランドン, Burandon) is a character in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. Brandon, along with Jennifer, is first introduced in the Nintendo Switch version of Friends of Mineral Town.

Brandon lives with Gotts south of your farm and is seen wondering near the hot spring and lake in the morning. Eccentric yet passionate, Brandon is a renowned artist taking up residence at the Workshop. While he typically tunes out anything that doesn’t spark his muse, he can’t ignore a fellow lover of the arts.



Heart Events

Meeting ≥0
Day Mon-Wed, Fri Weather Time 1 PM - 3 PM Location Woodcutter's House
  • Gotts and Brandon are in the house.
  • That's weird (-2000)
  • Be careful (+3000)
Friendship 1 ≥5000
Day Mon-Wed, Friday Weather Time 1 PM - 3 PM Location Woodcutter's House
  • Gotts and Brandon are in the house.
  • A cat...or something (+3000)
  • A chain, or something? (no effect)
Friendship 2 ≥10000
Day Mon-Wed, Fri Weather Time 1 PM - 3 PM Location Woodcutter's House
  • Brandon is in the Woodcutter's House
  • Have a large rucksack or a shelf
  • Have space in rucksack
  • Because it's a really good work (+3000)
  • Because you made it (-2000)
Friendship 3 ≥20000
Day Mon-Wed, Fri Weather Time 1 PM - 3 PM Location Woodcutter's House
  • Brandon's in the woodcutter's
  • Convey the words of Gotts (No effect)
  • Will you do the cleaning? (+3000)

Lover/Best Friend

Confession ≥30000
  • Give Brandon a "Preserved Flower."
Lover/Best Friend 1 ≥40000
Day Mon - Mon-Fri, Sun Weather Clear Time 11 AM to 3 PM Location Player's Farm

  • Say thank you (+3000)
  • You could work for someone (-2000)
Lover/Best Friend 2 ≥50000
Day Mon-Fri Weather Time 1 PM to 3 PM Location Woodcutter's House
  • Have space in rucksack
  • Relax with lots of herbs (+3000)
  • That comes with a big thud (-2000)
Proposal ≥60000
  • Have a Big Bed.
  • Give Brandon a "Blue Feather"
Marriage/Best Friend Ceremony
Requirements 1 week after successful proposal.
Effects +20 FP with ceremony participants
Immediately after the marriage or best friend ceremony, you will be asked what you want Brandon to call you.


Gift Preferences
Special "Thanks. I accept. 「…ありがとう。もらっておく。」"
Dorayaki, Matsutake
Loved ":...Thanks, [player]. You really know my taste."
Red Beans, Oil, Good quality Egg, X Egg, Egg benedict, Orangette, Pretty Good Quality Egg, Pumpkin, Pumpkin potage, Curry Powder, Quiche, Cucumber, Golden egg, Ketchup, Flour, Sweet potato, Potato, Onion, Cheese [Any size], Neapolitan, Carrot, Butter, Honey, Normal Quality Egg, Platinum Egg, Mashed potatoes, Mandarin orange, Tangerine bread, Orange peel, grilled apple, Relax tea leaves, Apple
Liked ":So, your giving me this? Thanks."
Ice-cream, Apple pie, Strawberry Milk [Any size], Strawberry Cake

Branch/Twig, Large Fish, Sushi, Omelette rice, Sashimi rice bowl

Pirate Treasure, Bodijizer XL, Turbojolt XL, Carpaccio, Milk [Any size]

Cake, Wine, Coffee Milk [Any size], Ancient fish fossil, Fish fritters

Salad, Zaru Soba, Sandwich, Sweet potato, Buckwheat Flour, Bodijizer

Medium Fish, Chocolate Cookie, Chocolate, Turbojolt, Tempura Udon

Tempura Soba, Nasi goreng, Baumkuchen, Paella, Bibimbap, Shark Fin Soup

Grape Juice, Raisin Bread, Pudding, Fruit Milk [Any size], Fruit Juice, Pancake

Miso soup, Mix-o-re, Mixed juice, wood, Vegetable juice, Mountain grape water, Relax tea

Disliked "………。"
Aquamarine, Adamantite, Amethyst, Alpaca Wool [Any size]

Alexandrite, Angora Rabbit Wool [Any size], Stone, Earring

Emerald, Elli Grass, Orichalcum, Garnet, Fodder, Yellow Grass

Gold, Silver, Scrap Ore, Yarn S, Yarn M, Yarn L, Yarn P, Yarn G, Yarn X

Lotion, Philosopher's Stone, Weed, Sapphire, Sandrose, Material stone

Turquoise, Diamonds, Dango Flour, Lettered Pin, Copper, Topaz, Dress

The mysterious slate, Chicken/Rabbit Feed, Necklace, Jade, Sun Block

Pink Diamond, Face Mask, Bracelet, Brooch, Pet Snack, Period, Ball

Fluorite, Mythril, Moonstone, Agate, Baked corn, Wool [Any size], Ruby

Hated "What's this? I don't need this..."
Red grass, Empty can, Golden Material, Fish bone, Poison Mushroom, Boots


6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 11 12
Single M-Sat W's H Lakeside Woodcutter's House
Sun W's Lakeside Secret Forest Mountain Summit Woodcutter's House
Rain/Snow Woodcutter's House
Married M-Sat 2 Woodcutter's House Lakeside Woodcutter's House Home
M-Sat (Rain/Snow) 2 Woodcutter's House Home
Sun 2 Lakeside Secret Forest Home
Sun (Rain/Snow) Home


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