This article is about Brutus, a character from The Lost Valley. You may be looking for Brutus, a character from Seeds of Memories.

Brutus is a character in Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley.

An immigrant to the Lost Valley, Brutus is the local blacksmith who came to live here with his two sons. He’s searching for a rare ore that can only be found in the Lost Valley. As a quiet and solitary man, he struggles to reach out to his children emotionally, and gets in arguments with them from time to time. His work is flawless, however Brutus is always striving to become a master blacksmith, a wish he also shares for his eldest son.
A man of few words, Brutus habitually gets angry when his sons don’t understand what he is trying to convey to them, which leads him to become stubborn, and his stubbornness only makes the situation worse! Brutus needs the help of a kind, patient friend who will help him connect to his two sons.


  • "Nice day. Work hard!"
  • "Brutus not have time for nonsense!"
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