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There are various bugs you can catch in the game, from crickets to butterflies with varying difficulties. In Twin Villages you only need to catch them with your hands, no tools required. Unlike bugs in Grand Bazaar, Twin Village bugs are not ranked by stars.

Different bugs appears in different locations, seasons, as well as weather conditions.

Below is a list of bugs you can catch. Names are from cross referencing the translation of NA release of Grand Bazaar to Twin Villages. [1] (note: prices based on JP version of the game, prices may change on NA release)

Base the location on this map of the world:

West Mountain East
Bluebell North Mt.2 Mt.3 Summit Mt.4 Mt.5
Bluebell Farm Bluebell South Mt.1 Mt.6 Konohana North Konohana Farm
Konohana South


These flying insects are known for their remarkable acoustic talents. Often found on tree trunks and appear only during summer season.

Item Box Color Weather Location Profit Appearance
Brown Cicada Green Mt.1 20 Brown Cicada
Kaempfer Cicada Green Mt.2,5 20 Brown Cicada
Spring Cicada Green Mt.3 40 Brown Cicada
Princess Cicada Green Mt.4 100 Brown Cicada
Grass Cicada Silver Mt.3 30 Green Cicada
Opal Cicada Silver Mt.4,5 30 Green Cicada
Screeching Cicada Silver Mt.2 100 Green Cicada
Chattering Cicada Silver Mt.1 250 Green Cicada
Singing Cicada Gold Mt.1 40 Grey Cicada
Sitting Cicada Gold Mt.5 50 Grey Cicada
Evening Cicada Gold Mt.4 120 Grey Cicada
Bear Cicada Gold Mt.3 400 Grey Cicada


Found during the summer season on tree trunks. Note: Only find beetles during Night time 7:30pm

Item Box Color Weather Location Profit Appearance
Rhinoceros Beetle Green Mt.1,5 40 Brown Beetle
Pincer Beetle Green Mt.2 40 Brown Beetle
Big Pincer Beetle Green Mt.3 60 Brown Beetle
Atlas Beetle Green Mt.1 100 Brown Beetle
Elephant Beetle Silver Mt.2,4 50 Brown Beetle
Stag Beetle Silver Mt.1,5 50 Orange-and-brown Beetle
Anubis Beetle Silver Mt.3 70 Orange-and-brown Beetle
Hercules Beetle Silver Mt.2 200 Orange-and-brown Beetle
White Beetle Gold Mt.3 60 White Beetle
White Morn Beetle Gold Mt.1 60 White Beetle
White Hill Beetle Gold Mt.4 180 White Beetle
White Giant Beetle Gold Mt.5 600 White Beetle


Found mainly during fall, while a few appears during winter.

Item Box Color Weather Location Profit Appearance
Fall Winter
Red Dragonfly Green Mt.1,6 Mt.2 20 Red Dragonfly
Risi Dragonfly Green Mt.2,5 20 Red Dragonfly
Sunrise Dragonfly Green Mt.3 20 Red Dragonfly
Amber Dragonfly Green Mt.4 40 Red Dragonfly
Crimson Dragonfly Green Rain Mt.4 100 Red Dragonfly
Blue Dragonfly Silver Mt.5 40 Blue Dragonfly
Common Skimmer Silver Mt.1 40 Blue Dragonfly
Azure Dragonfly Silver Sunny, Rain Mt.2,4 60 Blue Dragonfly
Cobalt Dragonfly Silver Mt.3,6 100 Blue Dragonfly
Ancient Dragonfly Silver Mt.1 800 Blue Dragonfly
Yellow Damselfly Gold Mt.3,5 60 Yellow Dragonfly
Golden Dragonfly Gold Mt.2,6 100 Yellow Dragonfly
Pacific Dragonfly Gold Mt.1 Mt.5 200 Yellow Dragonfly
Aegis Dragonfly Gold Mt.4 400 Yellow Dragonfly
Emperor Dragonfly Gold Mt.5 2000 Yellow Dragonfly


Found on floor usually during night during summer season.

Item Box Color Weather Location Profit Appearance
Japanese Firefly Green Mt.1,5 20 Yellow Firefly
Black Firefly Green Mt.3 20 Yellow Firefly
Candle Firefly Green Cloudy, Rain Mt.4 30 Yellow Firefly
Lantern Firefly Green Mt.1 100 Yellow Firefly
Pacific Firefly Silver Mt.2,4 30 Light Blue Firefly
Cabbage Firefly Silver Mt.1,5 30 Light Blue Firefly
Yellow Firefly Silver Mt.6 40 Light Blue Firefly
Mustache Firefly Silver Year 2 or later Mt.6 300 Light Blue Firefly
Princess Firefly Gold Wind, Rain Mt.All 40 Dark Blue Firefly
Spotted Firefly Gold Mt.2,5 40 Dark Blue Firefly
Summer Firefly Gold Mt.4 80 Dark Blue Firefly
Emperor Firefly Gold Year 2 or later Mt.4 1200 Dark Blue Firefly


Frogs only come out during rainy weather. Found all seasons but winter.

Item Box Color Weather Spring Summer Fall Profit Appearance
Tree Frog Green Mt.6 Mt.2,5 20 Green Frog
White-lipped Frog Green Mt.2 Mt.6 Mt.1 30 Green Frog
Red-eyed Tree Frog Green Mt.1,5 Mt.1,4 Mt.1,6 30 Green Frog
White's Tree Frog Green Mt.6 Mt.All 20 Green Frog
Spotted Pong Frog Green Mt.2 Mt.5 100 Green Frog


Found on all seasons but winter.

Item Box Color Weather Spring Summer Fall Profit Appearance
Small White Green Mt.1,6 20 White Butterfly
Scarce Large Blue Green Mt.All Mt.5 20 White Butterfly
Nymph Butterfly Green Mt.All Mt.4 Mt.2 30 White Butterfly
White Swallowtail Green Mt.All Mt.3 40 White Butterfly
White Morpho Green Year 2 or later Mt.1 100 White Butterfly
Swallowtail Silver Mt.All Mt.5 30 Yellow Butterfly
Pale Cloud Yellow Silver Mt.1,5 Mt.2 30 Yellow Butterfly
Comma Butterfly Silver Mt.All Mt.3 Mt.5 40 Yellow Butterfly
Ringed Butterfly Silver Mt.All Mt.4 50 Yellow Butterfly
Oki Butterfly Silver Year 2 or later Mt.2 Mt.2 200 Yellow Butterfly
Purple Emperor Gold Mt.All Mt.6 40 Blue Butterfly
Miyama Swallowtail Gold Mt.1 50 Blue Butterfly
Purple Brush-Foot Gold Mt.4 60 Blue Butterfly
Velvet Brush-Foot Gold Mt.All Mt.3 100 Blue Butterfly
Helena Morpho Gold Mt.4 400 Blue Butterfly


Found all year around.

Item Box Color Weather Spring Summer Fall Winter Profit Appearance
Longheaded Locust Green Mt.1,5 Mt.3 Mt.4 Mt.2,6 20 Green Grasshopper
Piggyback Locust Green Mt.2,6 Mt.4 Mt.1,5 Mt.5 20 Green Grasshopper
Kobane Grasshopper Green Mt.3 Mt.1 Mt.2,6 20 Green Grasshopper
Kutsuwa Katydid Green Mt.4 Mt.2,6 Mt.3 Mt.1 40 Green Grasshopper
Migratory Locust Green Mt.4 100 Green Grasshopper
Cricket Silver Mt.2,4 Mt.6 Mt.3 Mt.5 30 Brown Grasshopper
Spotted Locust Silver Mt.1,5 Mt.3 Mt.2,4,6 30 Brown Grasshopper
Dirt Grasshopper Silver Mt.6 Mt.2,4 Mt.1,5 30 Brown Grasshopper
Hira Grasshopper Silver Mt.3 Mt.3 Mt.2,6 30 Brown Grasshopper
Emma Field Cricket Silver Mt.3 200 Brown Grasshopper
Spiked Locust Gold Mt.3,6 Mt.1 Mt.4 40 Red Grasshopper
Eastern Locust Gold Mt.1 Mt.3,6 Mt.2,5 Mt.2 40 Red Grasshopper
Cornered Cricket Gold Mt.4 Mt.2,5 Mt.1 Mt.6 60 Red Grasshopper
Ant Hill Cricket Gold Mt.3 600 Red Grasshopper
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