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Lumber is one of the main forms of building materials and has been part of the games since the first Harvest Moon on the SNES. It's the first building material that you may obtain and can be collected as soon as you obtain the Axe. Lumber is accumulated by chopping down trees and smaller stumps, a whole tree takes multiple hits to chop down and will generally get you around 8+ pieces. Smaller stumps will break in one hit and only give one piece of wood.

Golden Lumber

Golden Lumber may be purchased from the shops in a few harvest moon games and placed down to create pens.

Material Stone

In some of the more recent games, Stone has been available for building with, it is the second material you are able to obtain and you are able to collect it by smashing boulders and rocks. Smaller rocks give one piece, however, larger boulders take multiple swings to break and will award you with multiple material stone.

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