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  • Salon: Material stone x25 Small lumber x50 Iron x5
  • Architect’s studio: Small material stone x30 Small lumber x30
  • Newspaper carrier: Material stone x25 Small lumber x50 Copper x5
  • Travel agency: Material stone x120 Small lumber x10 Lumber x10 Copper x10 Brick x10
  • Clinic: Material stone x65 Small lumber x15 Lumber x40 Iron x3
  • Restaurant: Material stone x50 Small lumber x65 Brick x5 Mint x5
  • Tailor’s shop: Material stone x35 Lumber x60 Iron x10 Mint x5


  • Cottage: Small branch x35 Material stone x25 Lumber x40 Wool x5
  • Eastern-style house: Material stone x15 Lumber x80 Fodder x20 Amethyst x1 Wheat x5
  • Fantastical house: Material stone x60 Lumber x60 Yarn ball x10 Glass stone x10 Fluorite x5
  • Inn: Small material stone x20 Material stone x80 Lumber x35 Silver x5 Glass stone x10
  • Bungalow: Black material stone x35 Black lumber x60 Glass stone x15 Jade x3 Amethyst x5
  • Exotic mansion: Material stone x260 Lumber x120 Gold x10 Adamantite x6 Mithril x5
  • Pointy Hat House: Black Material Stone x30 Black Lumber x30 Linen x15 Glittering Stone x3 Ancient Clay Figures x5

Farm Buildings

  • Green House: Iron ×10; Great Alpaca Wool x10; Coconut ×10; Moon Stone ×3
  • Barn: Small Material Stone; ×5 Small Lumber × 30; Fodder × 5
  • Coop: Small Material Stone × 5; Small Lumber × 20; Mint × 5
  • Pet House: Material Stone × 5; Lumber × 20; Brick × 5; Moondrop Flower × 5
  • Maker Shed: Material Stone ×20; Lumber × 20; Brick × 3; Amethyst × 1
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