Cafe STH
Sunny Garden Cafe Hours

The Cafe is run by Katie and Wallace in Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland.

Katie is usually in front of the counter to take orders and give out food, while Wallace stays behind the counter, cleaning glasses, making it a good place to find the both of them.

It's also a great place to buy food to replenish energy and stamina for a bit of money, without having to rely on the things you forage. The Cafe is open between 12PM - 5PM.


Item  Price
Tea 150G
Herb Tea 200G
Milk Tea 200G
Cookies 250G
Muffin 250G
Cake 300G
Cheesecake 350G
Pancakes 300G

Selling Prices

Item  Price
Herb 10G
Breadfruit 100G
Egg 50G
Milk S 150G
Milk M 200G
Milk L 300G
Milk G 400G
Cheese 500G
Yogurt 350G
V.Berry Jam 80G
C. Jam 100G
B. Jam 150G
M.B. Jam 80G
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