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Cafe Delish Int

Cafe Delish is a location in Doraemon: Story of Seasons.

Cafet and Eria live and work here together. Sneech also work and live here temporarily to help the couple. As a restaurant it sells food, but the player can also buy recipes, produce, and cookwares.

Cafe Delish is open from noon until 10pm with an hour break every 4pm. The restaurant is open every day except on Monday and Friday. Cafet is always working during business hours.



Item Cost Season
Fritter 710G Spring
Beccafico 1190G Spring
Ratatouille 1850G Spring
Apple Tart 830G Spring
Fruit Punch 3040G Spring
Egg Fooyung 3830G Summer
Baked Seafood 7060G Summer
Strawberry Milk 540G Summer
Shortcake 940G Summer
Tempura 1770G Summer


Item Cost Season
Oden Recipe 1290G Spring
Fried Cheese Recipe 2850G Spring
Seared Bonito Recipe 1200G Spring
Apple Pie Recipe 1710G Spring
Sole Meunière Recipe 1650G Spring
Amberjack Daikon Recipe 2340G Spring
Aloe Yogurt Recipe 1260G Spring, Summer
Pound Cake Recipe 1590G Spring
Fruit Salad Recipe 2400G Spring
Escabeche Recipe 3390G Spring
Butter Recipe 90G Summer
Pot-au-feu Recipe 2580G Summer
Cheesecake Recipe 1290G Summer
Summer Salad Recipe 4320G Summer
Strawberry Milk Recipe 960G Summer
Poêlé Recipe 1200G Summer
Marinated Tuna Recipe 5100G Summer
Stir-fry Recipe 4410G Summer
Oarfish Fesival Recipe 11760G Summer


Item Cost Cost
Cauliflower 580G Spring
Pea 210G Spring
Potato 340G Spring
Turnip 180G Spring
Strawberry 380G Spring
Tomato 290G Summer
Pumpkin 140G Summer
Bell Pepper 210G Summer
Melon 1060G Summer
Watermelon 270G Summer
Bean Paste 150G Spring, Summer
Mayonnaise 200G Spring
Oil 100G Spring, Summer
Spice 150G Spring, Summer
Flour 200G Spring, Summer
Wheat 80 G Summer


Item Cost Notes
Stew Set 9800G
Whisk 2450G
Oven 3850G
Cotton Swab 2100G Translation error, actually a rolling pin.
Frypan 6300G
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