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Cafet is a character in Doraemon: Story of Seasons. Man with huge appetite and glutton for every food he saw even the food he make for his customer. You can also buy recipe to cooking at home and meal you eat at the restaurant.

Cafet sells cookware like: Stew Set 9,800G | Whisk 2,450G | Oven 3,850G | Frypan 6,300G | Rolling Pin 2,100G.


(Eria's husband who is the owner of the restaurant. Unrivaled in cooking, unrivaled in eating and unrivaled in speed of eating a food. Sometimes he eat the food he served to his customers.)

Recipe Shop event (Here-Come-Cat)

Chapter 0~4 go to Sneech page.

Recipe Shop event

Chapter 5 "Stolen Food"

  • Cafet, Eria 4❤︎
  • Go to Café Delish on Saturday

Chapter 6 "Pretend Cafe"

  • Ram, Jemma, Harmon 4❤︎
  • Go to Café Delish at 2PM

Chapter 7 "Seven Wonders"

  • Sandy 5❤︎
  • Go to East Natura at 1PM

Chapter 8 "Health Check"

  • Finished Clinic event Chapter 8 - Two Medicines
  • Go to Clinic at 2PM

Chapter 9 "Found!"

  • Sneech, Eria 5❤︎ | Cafet at 6❤︎
  • Go to Café Delish at 12PM

Chapter 10 "Fallen Cafét"

  • Sneech, Eria 6❤︎
  • Go to Café Delish at 12PM

Chapter 11 "Sorry"

  • Sneech, Cafet, Eria 7❤︎
  • Go to Clinic at 3PM

Chapter 12 "Best Food"

  • Sneech, Cafet, Eria 8❤︎
  • Go to Café Delish at 1PM

Chapter 13 "Anniversary"

  • Sneech, Cafet, Eria 9❤︎
  • Go to Café Delish at 12PM

Chapter 14 "Busy Eatery"

  • Sneech, Cafet, Eria 10❤︎
  • Go to Café Delish at 1PM


Opening hours at 12PM~4PM - 6PM~10PM

  • Open  : Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday
  • Closed : Monday, Friday

Every change of the season on Day 1, he will change what he's want to sell. Try Save and Load trick on Day 30 to get what you wanted. Flour, Wheat, and Cheese are rarely appears on the list. Random one of seasonal harvest will not appears on the list.

Name Description Price Image
Seasonal Harvest Vegetables available at this restaurant. Various 1589984489173
Spice This space smells, well, spicy. Kicks up the flavor. 150G 1588079971781
Oil Used in many dishes, Made from vegetables. 100G 1588079964448
Flour Buy a Mill for alternate way.

Turns into noodles and bread. Changes based on what's inside.

200G 1588139583864
Wheat Buy a Wheat Seed for alternate way.

Comes in many forms and is used in a variety of dishes.

80G 160660
Mayonnaise Has a recipe for this item or buy a Mayonnaise Maker for alternate way.

Everybody's favorite, mayonnaise. Be careful no to dip too much!

200G 1587877058634
Butter Has a recipe for this item.

Looks like cheese but it's not. Goes well with any dish.

200G 160665
Cheese Buy a Cheese Maker for alternate way.

Crafted from milk. Comes in many forms and from any animals.

250G 1588338630604
Riceball Made by squeezing rice tenderly with love. Guess what's inside! 150G 1588139561879
Bean Paste Made by squishing adzuki beans. Do you like it smooth or chunky? 150G 1588139571430
Yogurt Buy a Yogurt Maker for alternate way.

Food crafted form milk. People from ages ago have eaten this.

300G 1588079991099
Bread Has a recipe for this item.

More than a million ways to eat this food.

100G 1587900241872

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