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This article is about Cain, a character from Animal Parade. You may be looking for Cain, a character from Tree of Tranquility or another character who shares the name Cain.

Cain (カパラ Kapara) is a character in Harvest Moon: Animal Parade.

Cain is the head rancher at Horn Ranch. He loves animals, and is also an expert on how to raise and care for them. His wife Hanna will sell you animal products and livestock, while his daughter Renee helps him care for the animals. Horn Ranch is located in Flute Fields and is open every day except for Wednesday.

Cain is the first person you'll meet in the game. He brings you to your home, and will also give your character a free cow once you've settled in.

He also manages the horse race mini game. Talk to Cain when he is out at the back gate of the ranch, near the windmill, and he'll let you go into the racetrack area to practice racing your horse.[1] The ranch is also the location of the Green Bell frame, and the Animal Festival. 

Cain is most often found in the fields around Horn Ranch, or in one of the buildings caring for some of the animals. Hanna is the one most found inside the store area selling things, but Cain can be found here at times as well. 


Gift Preferences
Loved Shining Egg, Shining Mayonnaise, Shining Corn, Yogurt, Seafood Stew, Coconut Cocktail
Liked Sunflower, Perfect Corn, Perfect Onion, Perfect Egg, Perfect Mayonnaise, Royal Jelly, Strawberry Milk, Blueberry Juice, Perfect Cherry, Mussels
Neutral Blueberry, Cherry Jam, Decent Cherry, Mushroom, Raspberry, Red Herb, Sakura Seashell, Yellow Herb
Disliked Toadstool, Empty Can, Rubber Boot, Algae, Swim Trunks, Failed Cooking, Sashimi


Animal Festival,


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