• "Good morning!"
  • "Hey!"


  • "Hey, you're looking well."
  • "You can buy feed during Winter, but it's still better to have your own fodder."
  • Anissa and Jin get married: "Dr. Jin and Anissa from the farm got married. I guess Irene must be very happy."
  • Anissa and Jin have a baby: "I heard a child was born to Dr. Jin and his wife. I guess Irene must be very happy."
  • Candace and Julius have a baby: "I heard a child was born to Candace and her husband. Shelly must be happy."
  • Renee and Toby get married: "Renee got married. It made me so happy to see my daughter in her wedding dress..."
  • "If you wanna raise your own animals, you have to build a coop or an animal barn."
  • "If you cut the grass with a sickle, you'll get fodder. You can't reap the field until the grass is fully grown, though."
  • "Hmm, I wanna try to sell the crafts I made in my spare time at the Flea Market."
  • After engaged: "Hey! You proposed right? I'll be you can't wait for your wedding!"
  • Your child is an infant: "All your child can do now is drink milk and sleep, right? It reminds me of when Renee was a baby."
  • Your child starts crawling: "Oh, your child started crawling. Children grow up so fast."


  • "Hey, I like this! Thanks!"
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