Cam's Flowers is a location in Harvest Moon 3DS: A Tale of Two Towns..

The store is open Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, between 10 am and 4 pm. This shop is run by Cam.



Seeds Price Unlocks
Carnation 250 G From Start
Marguerite 140 G From Start
Pink Rose 260 G Year 2
Casablanca 280 G Year 3


Seeds Price Unlocks
Red Rose 230G From Start
Sunflower 260 G Year 2


Seeds Price Unlocks
Gerbera 250 G From Start
Nadeshiko 120 G From Start
White Rose 200 G Year 2


Seeds Price Unlocks
Gentian 140 G From Start
Snowdrop 230 G From Start
Blue Rose 1,500 G Year 2
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