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Caolila (カリラ Karira) is a character in Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns.

As Zahau's wife, she's the shopkeeper of the ingredient shop. Thanks to her bright and brisk personality, she's adored by everyone. In the morning she's working at the ingredient shop and in the afternoon she makes food for her family.[1]



  1. ザハゥの妻で食材屋の店主。明るくハキハキした性格で、皆から慕われている。朝は食材屋で働き、昼は家族の食事を作っている。
  2. 海があれてる時は絶対に近づいちゃいけないヨ。あれにのまれちゃまず肋からないからネ。
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