Carol's Flowers is located within town in Harvest Moon: Skytree Village.

Hours: 10AM-8PM

Carol's Flowers opens up when Carol and her son, Dean, move into town. They are the first to move into the village and open their shop besides Sam. It is the only shop that flower seeds can be purchased from.



Item Price Unlocking
Marguerite Seeds 60G Default
Tulip Seeds 50G Default
Pink Rose Seeds 75G
Sunflower Seeds 60G
Pink Dahlia Seeds 50G
Red Rose Seeds 75G
Cosmos Seeds 60G
Carnation Seeds 35G
Pink Pansy Seeds 60G



Item Price
Pink Pansy Seeds 45G
Marguerite Seeds 45G
Tulips Seeds 38G
Pink Rose Seeds 56G
Sunflower Seeds 45G


Item Price
Sunflower 225G
Sunny Red 188G
Cosmos 225G
Great Cosmos 450G
Pink Dahlia 188G
Carnations 244G
Great Carnations 488G
Pink Carnations 263G
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