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Cats are pets that are available in Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands.


To unlock cats, you have to spend 30,000G or more at Mirabelle's shop. Mirabelle will show up at the player's farm the following morning with a choice of two cats for the player. Cats have two color choices like other pets. One cat will be white and the other cat will be black. The player cannot swap cats after choosing one they like the best. The choice of cat is a strictly personal decision, as neither cat has one advantage over the other.

The cat not chosen by the player will live at Martin's house on Sprout Island. Martin will obtain one new cat for every heart of friendship that you have with him.


Cats will eat one piece of pet food per day. Even if the cat is put outside for the day, they will still eat a portion of food that is left for them inside of the stable. Although feeding pets is not a necessity (because pets never die), it is still recommended in order to be able to increase the friendship level of your cat.

Cats cannot be brushed, but they can be picked up for additional affection. Leaving them outdoors during sunny weather is another good way to increase your cat's affection. The higher the affection with your cat, the more likely it is to do well in the yearly Cat Festival. Players can practice for the Cat Festival by interacting with the feather mini-game located inside the stable (right-most side).


  • The dog and cat are the only two animals in the game that will show up as an icon on the player's map. It's possible that this is because they are the only two animals that can be carried off of the player's farm.