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  • Event Calendar
    • Summer 18
    • Type - Pet
    • Reward - Wonderful or Wonderful Pieces


This pet event features the mini-game played with your pet cat. You wave around your stylus to get the cats attention and tap on the cat when it comes close enough to you.

  • Time ranges
    • 1st - 18~20
    • 2nd - 20~23
    • 3rd - 23~26
    • 4rd - 26+
  • Tips
    • Start with wide strokes, ignore the fact that the cat isn't looking at you
    • Cat only interested at you for a few seconds, practice and you'll get the hang of the timing.
    • Use smaller strokes as your cat approaches its jumping point
    • When its almost at the jumping point you should be targeting the area where it is going to jump from
      • If you are using wide strokes before it jumps you are most likely not able to make it jump towards you.
    • The jumping point is usually just slightly below where the count down text text appears on the screen.
    • It is possible to win first place with as low as 3 hearts on your cat. Although might take a few tries.
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