This article is about Catherine, a character from The Lost Valley. You may be looking for Catherine, a character from Seeds of Memories.
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Catherine is a bachelorette in Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley.

Catherine is a young woman who is living a life of luxury. Her father is often away on business trips, leaving Catherine alone. Therefore, she sees herself as a very independent person. She has a rather uptight attitude and believes that she is better than those around her. She has troubles trusting other people and actively pushes people away.

If you take the time to befriend Catherine, however, you will learn that she is very lonely deep down and would like to have more friends. She will not be available until you are able to restore Spring. [1] She will visit your house on Wednesday afternoons, and can be found at Moon Vally on Fridays.[2]


You'll be able to take on Catherine's requests after a certain amount of chemistry happens between you two. You will only be able to complete and receive the requests when she's in outside your home or within Moonlight Valley.

Catherine's Gift 1

  • Need 3 Yellow Pansies
  • Reward: 500G

Catherine's Gift 2

  • Need 3 Purple Pansies
  • Reward: 1000G

Catherine's Gift 3

  • Need 2 Strawberry Jams
  • Reward: 1500G


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