Charles (チャールズ Chāruzu) is a character in Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley.

Charles is one of the game's antagonists who is working for Funland. He is an egocentric inventor who makes and tinkers with crazy machinery. He is one of Alice's bodyguards (the other being Renton) and is the creator of the several mechas the protagonist must deal with in order to save Leaf Valley.

He can be found wandering around the valley, at the mine, or within Funland Headquarters.


Gift Preferences
Liked Flowers, Red Herbs, Ore, Precious Ore, Gemstones, Vegetable Cooking, Dairy Cooking, Seafood, Dessert
Neutral Fruits, Mushrooms, Lumber, Eggs, Milk, Fish, Jeweled Accessories, Seasonings, Portable/Vegetables/Dairy/Egg Cooking, Dairy Products, Seafood, Dessert, Juice, Honey


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