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In both Harvest Moon Island of Happiness and Sunshine Islands, Chen runs a general store. Unlike Island of Happiness, Chen and Charlie live there from the start.


Below is a short list of the things you can purchase from his store.





Appears When
Turnip Seeds 120 G Turnip Seeds (Spring) Water: normal. Light: normal. Fast growth rate. The Start
Potato Seeds 150 G Potato Seeds (Spring) Water: normal. Light: normal. Normal growth rate. The Start
Grass Seeds 500 G Grass Seeds (all but winter) Water: less. Light: normal. Normal growth rate. The Start

Like in all Harvest Moon games, different crops can grow each season. For this reason, the list of seeds available for purchase changes on the first of every season.


This allows you to purchase things like the Toolbox, Beauty Box, Refrigerator and Cabinet.

Other Items

This list is filled mainly with recipe ingredients, such as Chocolate and Oil. Other available items include larger versions of the Rucksack and Wonderfuls.


This option allows you to sell things straight to Chen instead of placing them in a Shipping Bin.

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