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This article is about Chen in Grand Bazaar. You may be looking for Chen as he appears in Island of Happiness or for Chen in Sunshine Islands.
"A cheerful merchant."
―In Game Description
Chen (チェン Chen) is a character in Harvest Moon DS: Grand Bazaar.

Gannon and Chen will be both be introduced by Felix when the bazaar level reaches 25%. After this, they will appear at the bazaar and each have their own stand.

Chen sells seeds and other various cooking and food items at his shop. The seeds he sells are unique ones that can only be purchased from his shop. The seeds will be random based on the season it is in the game until you reach year 4. After year 4, Chen will sell all of them weekly.

His shop opens at 10:48 and closes when the bazaar is over. Because he can only be seen on bazaar days, he cannot be befriended.

Shop Inventory

Item Season Cost
Oil All 100 G
Sea Urchin Spring and Summer 700 G
Seaweed Spring and Summer 210 G
Curry Powder Fall and Winter 310 G
Rice Fall and Winter 210 G
Carrot Seeds Fall 160 G
Strawberry Seeds Spring 240 G
Asparagus Seeds Spring and Winter 280 G
Corn Seeds Summer 630 G
Pumpkin Seeds Summer 300 G
Cauliflower Seeds Fall 350 G
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