• Introductory Line: "Oh, are you _____? My brother was saying there was someone new around. I'm Cheryl. I'm Ash's little sister."
  • "Goood moorning, ___. What's up?"
  • "Goood morning, ____! Don't I always look so cute? Hee hee."
  • "Hi, __. Did you hear my tummy growl? I'm so hungry!"
  • "Hi. Can I come over some time? Your farm is so cool!"
  • "Hi, ___! My Mom told me to tell you to buy something!"


  • "Today's a day off. What should I do for fun?"
  • "The shop is closed today. What should I do? I'm gonna have sooo much fun!"
  • "Today was sooo much fun! I spent all day playing, and now I'm soooo hungry..."
  • Behind counter at store: "Welcome to our store! If you need something, go up to the counter, okay?"
  • You live in Konohana: "I've heard that Konohana is totally different from our village. Neat!"
  • Going through the tunnel: "This tunnel is sooo amazing! Did Eileen dig it? She's sooo amazing too!"
  • Visiting Konohana: "This place is weird... And everyone's wearing weird clothes, too! It's so funny!"
  • During a typhoon: "It's sooo windy today! I bet it could blow you away!"
  • After a typhoon: "I couldn't go out yesterday, but I got to play inside with Ash all day!"
  • Snowstorm: "I loove snow! Ash and I usually build snowmen and stuff."
  • When shown the blue feather: "Ooh, is that a blue feather? Cool! I want one too!"

In Barn:

  • "Isn't it neat in here? They're all sooo cute!"
  • "I brush all the animals in here every day!"

Flower Quotes

  • One flower: "My brother is the best farmer in the world! No one is better than him!"
  • Two flowers: "Hmm... what kind of game should I play with my brother today?"
  • Four flowers: "When I was out the other day, I tripped and hurt my ankle. But then my brother gave me a piggyback ride! That made it feel all better!"
  • Five flowers: "Mom told me to stop talking to Ash while he's working, cuz I'm bothering him. Isn't that mean, ___?"
  • Six flowers: "La la laa. Let's play sometime, ____!"
  • Seven flowers: "I'm so glad we're friends, ____! Let's always be friends!"


  • Favorite Gift: "Ooh, for me? This is great! I love it!"
  • Liked: "Thanks! I'm gonna go show my brother! Hee hee."
  • Neutral: "Yay! Thank you! This is kinda neat."
  • Multiple Gifts: "Wow, another gift today? Oh, I guess I shouldn't though."

Birthday Gift:

  • Liked Gift: "A present for me? Yay! It's my birthrday today! Thank you sooo much, ___."
  • Disliked Gift: "What!? Why would you give me this on my birthday?"


You live in Konohana and come to Bluebell during a festival: "There's a festival in Bluebell today. Yay!" "Yay, a festival! Ash always takes me to festivals!"

Cooking Festival

  • You live in Bluebell and lose: "Too bad about the Cooking Festival. I wonder why you didn't win."
  • You cheered for Bluebell but lost: "You were cheering us on, but we still lost! Too bad!"
  • You cheered for Bluebell and they won: "You were cheering sooo loud! You helped us win, ___!"
  • You live in Bluebell and win:
    • "Wow, you won, ___! Teach me how to cook! I wanna cook for my brother!"
    • "Ooh, I'm so hungry... ___, make me the dish that you won with!"

Animal Festival


  • "Your <animal> was sooo amazing!"
  • "Yay, you won! You were sooo amazing today! I know 'cuz my mom is a farmer!"

Lose: "You almost won, ___! Don't be sad, okay?"

Hand Fishing Contest


  • "How'd you get so many? I was sooo surprised!"
  • "Yay! You won, ___. I'm so happy for you!"

Flower Day Festival

"Is this for me? Ooh, this flower's sooo pretty! Thanks! ♥"

Music Festival

  • "The festival today was kinda sweet... hee hee."
  • "I wish I got to go to the fesival with just my brother..."
  • "I'm getting sleepy... *yawn*...."
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