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Chickens are animals available in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life and Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life.

A total of 8 birds can be kept in the pen at one time (including ducks). They are a great starter animal, as they require a lower level of care then barn animals do and are still able to lay an egg daily for profit if kept healthy. Both adult hens and roosters can be purchased for a fee of 900G.[1] Healthy adults can be sold for 450G, chicks will sell for 150G.[2]


The care involved for hens, roosters and chicks is very similar. All birds eat bird feed which can be thrown into the feeding area in the pen. Like barn animals, chickens can also be put outside to search for food. Unlike barn animals, however, each animal must be carried and brought in/outside individually. Chickens may be left outside to graze in good weather. When left outside, chickens will roam freely unless put into a confined space. In later years, it is possible to construct a small fenced area for your chickens outdoors.

Unlike other Harvest Moon games, chickens who have been left outside overnight may still lay an egg outside that can be picked up in the morning.[3] If left in the pasture where tall grass grows, however, these eggs may be difficult to find. Chickens left out during bad weather run the risk of becoming sick, and should be given Animal Medicine if they do become sick. 

Chickens cannot be brushed, but they can be picked up and held to increase their affection. Do not disturb a chicken when it is sleeping or the effect will be negative.


A healthy adult hen will lay an egg every day. Even without a rooster, this is still possible. However, if a rooster is purchased and living in the bird pen, there is a chance your hen will start to lay fertilized eggs. These can be sold, eaten, or used in the incubator to hatch a chick. If a chicken's affection is high enough, they will start to lay golden eggs.

Egg Quality Shipping Price
Regular 40G
Fertilized 50G
Golden 300G


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