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Chicken coop
bYou can have up to 4 chickens in the Chicken Barn. Assuming your chickens are healthy, you will get eggs from them every day. You can pick up each egg with the A button and put them in the shipping bin at the lower left corner of your barn. Note that if Maria gives you a bad fortune, the cickens won't lay eggs for 3 days.

Instead of selling your eggs, you can also put them into the incubator at the lower right corner, and it will hatch in a few days. Also, once they are hatched, you don't have to feed the chicks, only the chickens. Here are the maturity stages of chickens:

Egg » 5 Days » Chick » 18 Days »


Before you buy your first chicken from the Animal Shop you have to have 5 bags of grass planted. After you fulfill that requirement, you can buy chickens for 500 G a piece. Here are the selling prices for the produce and the chickens themselves if you decide to sell them:

Egg » 70 G
Chick » Not for sale
Chicken » 500 G
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