Chickens are one of the livestock animals that can be raised. When it matures, they will produce eggs every day. 

Chickens can be purchased from Sofia. There are two different types of chickens: chickens, which are sold for 2000G, and brown chickens, which are sold for 6000G. 


Species Cost Adulthood Product Incubation
Chicken 2000G 8 Days Egg 5 Days
Brown Chicken 6000G 8 Days Candy Egg 5 Days

Chicken Products

Product Sell: Sam (G) Sell: Bastian (G)
Egg 50 75
Great Egg 60 90
Ultimate Egg 70 105
Supreme Egg 80 120
Miracle Egg 100 150
Candy Egg 150 225
Great Candy Egg 180 270
Ultimate Candy Egg 200 300
Supreme Candy Egg 230 345
Miracle Candy Egg 300 450
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