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Chickens are available animals in Harvest Moon: Magical Melody.

They require a chicken coop and eat bird seed, which can be purchased from the store you get the chickens. If fed the day prior they will lay an egg of varying quality (depending on heart level).



Eggs are products of chickens in Magical Melody.

They can be eaten to recover stamina, used in cooking recipes, given to villagers as gifts, or shipped as profit. If you don't have chickens of your own, you can also buy eggs from Sky Blue Ranch.

Chickens are the only animals you can recieve eggs from, as there are no ducks or ostriches in game.


There are three types of eggs:

Egg Type Cost
Egg (Regular) 56G
Good Egg 80G
Special Egg 160G


Egg (Regular) Good Egg Special Egg
Loved by: N/A N/A Ellen, Katie, Blue, Bob, Carl, Louis, Ray, Gourmet, Meryl, Ronald, Tim, Woody
Liked by: Ann, Ellen, Gwen, Katie, Nina, Blue, Bob, Carl, Louis, Ray, Gourmet, Liz, Meryl, Nami, Ronald, Tim Ann, Ellen, Gwen, Katie, Nina, Blue, Bob, Carl, Louis, Ray, Gourmet, Liz, Martha, Meryl, Michael, Nami, Ronald, Saibara, Terry, Theodore, Tim, Woody Ann, Gwen, Nina, Joe, Jamie, Duke, Liz, Martha, Michael, Nami, Saibara, Terry, Theodore
Disliked by: N/A N/A N/A


These are all recipes which require an egg. It can be any quality of egg.

  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Cake
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