Chickens are an animal available in Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility.

Happiness: Increased by being talked to, hand-fed and let outside on sunny days

Product(s): Eggs (1 per Chicken each day) and Mayonnaise*.

*Mayonnaise can be made with the Mayonnaise Maker, which needs to be purchased from the General Store for 3000G.

Product Prices


Shining 200G
Perfect 120G
Good 100G
Decent 80G


Shining 260G
Perfect 140G
Good 120G
Decent 100G


Breed chickens by placing egg in the incubator. Wait 7 days for a little chick to emerge, and 7 more for a fully grown chicken.


  • Once your coop is full, there won't be enough space to feed all of your chickens, meaning you'll have to give the birds some feed by hand. Doing so has its benefits, as it raises your chickens' affection levels.