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Chicken Coop

The Chicken Coop, also known as a Hen House, is a type of farm building in Harvest Moon: Back To Nature.

After purchasing a Chicken from Lillia, at the Poultry Farm, it will automatically be sent to the player's Chicken Coop. Chickens can also be hatched from an Egg that has been placed in the Incubator.

Adult chickens will normally lay one egg per day. If you do not feed them or they are sick, they will not lay an egg. On sunny days, a Chicken can be picked up and brought outside to eat worms from the ground, instead of eating Chicken feed in the Chicken Coop. 


Normal Chicken Coop


Enlarged Coop

By default, the Chicken Coop will hold up to 5 Chickens. It includes 5 Feed boxes, 1 Feed dispenser, 1 Incubator, and 1 Shipping bin.

Chicken Coop Extension

Gotz, at the Woodcutter's House, can remodel the Chicken Coop. The Chicken Coop extension costs 5,000G and 420 Lumber, and adds 5 Feed boxes,1 Feed dispenser, and 1 Incubator.

Mayonnaise Maker

OO Maker

Mayonnaise Maker

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With an upgraded Chicken Coop, Saibara will sell the Mayonnaise Maker at the Blacksmith. It costs 20,000G and one Adamantite ore.

The Mayonnaise Maker is able to convert Eggs into Mayonnaise. The size of the Mayonnaise is determined by the quality of the Egg that was added. Adding a Golden egg to the Mayonnaise Maker creates Mayonnaise G (Gold Mayonnaise). Mayonnaise sells for a higher price compared to eggs.

Type Value
Mayonnaise S 100G
Mayonnaise M 150G
Mayonnaise L 200G
Mayonnaise G 300G
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