Chickens are an available animal in Harvest Moon: Animal Parade.


All chickens need to be fed bird feed daily, though an adult chicken may be let out to graze. A healthy chicken lays eggs daily; if they aren't fed then they will not lay any eggs. A sick chicken will also not lay any eggs. Additionally, they will only lay eggs if they are inside the coop. The quality of the egg depends on the chickens affection towards you, and its health.

If you are incubating an egg, it will take 7 days to hatch. For a chick to become an adult you will have to wait another 7 days.

Chickens cannot be brushed, however, they may be picked up to raise their affection. Putting them outside to graze during sunny weather also increases their affection. 


A healthy chicken will lay eggs daily and the quality depends on the chickens affection towards you and its health.


Quality Shipping Price
Decent 50G
Good 80G
Perfect 100G
Shining 150G
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