Chickens  are one of the animals in Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories.

Full grown healthy chickens are capable of producing eggs once per day. Cooked dishes made with eggs are a great money maker, so make sure you buy some Cooking Recipes from Hanna's Restaurant.

You can buy a Chicken from Hunter at the Hunter's Animal Shop for 2000G. They are a great starter animal that are much more low maintenance than either a cow or a sheep.


There are two stages: chicks and chickens.

Chicks can either be purchased at Hunter's shop (see above), or if you already have an adult chicken, you can place an egg in the incubator and a chick will hatch after 7 days.


At this young premature stage, they are unable to produce eggs. Even if the player feeds a chick, their affection rate will not increase until they grow into an adult chicken.

It takes 9 full days for a chick to grow into a chicken and start producing eggs daily.[1]


Adult chickens require love and proper care. Chickens need to be fed in order to increase their affection level and keep them healthy. You can also increase their affection level by picking them up once a day. After feeding them for many consecutive days, it will start to produce eggs which will give you a profit everyday. The higher the affection level, the better quality the egg.

A chicken lifespan is about 3 years, although the age is not stated in your animal log(located in the top left corner of the screen), it will die due to age eventually even it is healthy, but you can always load back to your save file and sleep again as the event is randomly triggered and your chicken can live longer.


Make sure to feed your chicken and bring them inside during bad weather. Neglecting to do so can result in illness. Chicken Medicine can be purchased at Hunter's Animal Shop for 3500g.


The better the quality of the egg, the higher the selling price. Higher quality eggs can also be used to make higher quality recipes.

Quality Sell Raw Sell Boiled or Fried Eggs
Egg 50G 170G
Great Egg 100G 300G
Ultimate Egg 200G 600G
Supreme Egg 300G 800G
Miracle Egg 500G 1200G

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