Once a season, Theodore sets up his circus tent at the church plaza, from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

The first time Theodore comes to visit is on the first Spring 21 in the game. Upon talking to him, you find out some of his animals have wandered off! Theodore asks that you go and find them for him and that if you use the Animal Whistle in the areas they're hiding, the lost circus animals should reappear.

The wandering animals are probably hungry by now, so the circus master also gives you 3 cooking recipes: Grilled Herb Fish, Bread, and Vegetable Pizza. These will come in handy later.

Visiting the Circus

Eunice the Girrafe


The first animal you need to find is Eunice the giraffe. Theodore feels that she is somewhere near, but by something tall. Head down to the lighthouse in Harmonica Town and blow your Animal Whistle. The shy creature will pop her head out from behind the building. Finn suggests in order to earn its trust, you should bring him a Good Herb Fish.

Once you have the Good quality cooked recipe, return to the lighthouse and blow your Animal Whistle again. Select the food from your inventory when prompted, and you'll make Eunice happy. The giraffe will automatically return to the circus, so head back and talk to Theodore. 

Trunks the Elephant


The next animal you have to find is the Elephant, Trunks. Theodore believes the large fellow is somewhere near a forest. Blow your whistle when you are near the entrance of Fugue Forest and you'll find him.

Trunks would like some Bread.

Humphrey the Hippo


The last lost animal is Humphrey the Hippo. Theodore mentions that Humphrey likes swamps, so the area around Witch's house would be perfect for him. You have to use the whistle after you cross both of the foot bridges. Humphrey will be in the swampy stream that is on the left-side of Witch's house.

The food that Humphrey needs is a Vegetable Pizza.

The Animal Taxi Service

Your whistle will now have special powers and it turns all of the circus animals into a sort of "animal taxi" service around Castanet. You can choose to travel to Flute Fields by elephant, to Harmonica Town by giraffe, to the Witch's Swamp by hippo, or to your house in the Farmland district by pig.

Theodore's Request


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