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"...Surely that's Piero's charm."

Claudia (クローディア, Claudia) is a character in Return to PoPoLoCrois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale. A meek and diligent girl. She dreams of studying in a large town. She is one of the blessed five woman and upon reaching max affection you gain increased growth rate of crops.

A bibliophile who spends most of her days catching rays with a good book or two in the resort village of Eodor, located in the summery northeastern Zuzul region of Galariland. Possesses a diverse knowledge of the world thanks to her many books, but has seen and done very little in person, relying entirely upon the written word to inform her experiences. Doesn't seem to have ever really thought about leaving Eodor and traveling, but is nonetheless intrigued by the prospect of actually seeing the many plants, animals and places she's read about over the years with her own eyes.[3]


Gift Preferences
Loved Veggie Stew
Liked Omelette, Crazy Grapes
Neutral Ballistic Carrot, Tree Broccoli, Frosty Napa Cabbage, Mathieu Orange, Bewitching Peach, Bitter Spinach, Cuckotte Egg, Clingy Potato, Nectarous Potato, Sumoo Milk, Tear-Inducing Onion, Urbain Cabbage, Valkyria, Orange Juice, Rolled Egg, Rock Hard Daikon, Potato Potage, Fruit-Flavored Milk, Milky Risoto, Vegetable Brine, Prince Salad, Fruit Jelly Candy, Carrot Glace, Ect.
Disliked Pure White Turnip



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  2. …きっとそれがピエトロくんの魅力なんですね。
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