The Clinic, also known as the Mineral Clinic, is a location in Harvest Moon: Back To Nature.

It is the workplace and residence of Doctor and Elli. Elli well sell medicine from behind the counter, and Doctor will perform checkups for 10G. The medicine that Elli sells will heal fatigue and stamina, and the check ups will tell the player of their current energy level. If the player passes out from fatigue, they will be automatically sent here.

Additionally, many heart events with Elli take place at the clinic if the player is pursuing her as a love interest. Jeff can sometimes be found at the clinic on his days off.

The clinic's hours are 9:00am to 4:00pm every day, except for Wednesdays and holidays. 


Item Description Cost Notes
Bodigizer Effective for regaining energy. 500G Recovers 50 Stamina
Turbojolt Effective for recovering from fatigue. 1000G Recovers 20 Fatigue
Bodigizer XL Super-effective for regaining energy. 1000G Becomes available after shipping 51 Blue grass.[1]
Turbojolt XL Super-effective for recovering from fatigue. 2000G Becomes available after shipping 51 Green grass.[2]


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