Clothing is accessible to customize your character in Harvest Moon DS: Cute.

One of the stores you can contact by using your telephone is May's Tailoring. May sells different colored outfits you can wear as well as wallpaper and carpet

The clothing you buy will be transported into the clothing toolboxes next to your record player inside your house. Each piece of clothing costs 200 G and you only have to buy each one once. There are 18 different colored outfits you can buy. You can change your outfit by selecting the one you want from your clothing toolbox.[1]

Claire ds.png
Player girl brunette (g).png
Clothes01 01.png
Clothes02 01.png
Start out with
Clothes01 02.png
Clothes02 02.png
Start out with
Clothes01 03.png
Clothes02 03.png
Start out with
Clothes01 04.png
Clothes02 04.png
Learner, rank 10
Clothes01 05.png
Clothes02 05.png
Learner, rank 10
Clothes01 06.png
Clothes02 06.png
Learner, rank 9
Clothes01 07.png
Clothes02 07.png
Apprentice, rank 1
Clothes01 08.png
Clothes02 08.png
Apprentice, rank 2
Clothes01 09.png
Clothes02 09.png
Apprentice, rank 3
Clothes01 10.png
Clothes02 10.png
Apprentice, rank 4
Clothes01 11.png
Clothes02 11.png
Apprentice, rank 5
Clothes01 12.png
Clothes02 12.png
Apprentice, rank 6
Clothes01 13.png
Clothes02 13.png
Apprentice, rank 7
Clothes01 14.png
Clothes02 14.png
Apprentice, rank 8
Clothes01 15.png
Clothes02 15.png
Apprentice, rank 9
Clothes01 16.png
Clothes02 16.png
Apprentice, rank 10
Clothes01 17.png
Clothes02 17.png
Farm Chief
Clothes01 18.png
Clothes02 18.png
Farm Queen


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