Clover Town is the setting of Harvest Moon: My Little Shop.

The town is run by Mayor Jarvis. It is a small town with few stores and villagers. The mayor is worried about the town's economy, as they don't get many visitors anymore. The player's main objective is to run a shop that sells local goods in order to attract more visitors.


Your Farm: The farm that you run with your grandpa. He can't run it on his own due to his bad back, but helps you where he can so that you can focus on running your shop. You can raise both crops and animals in order to get ingredients to make products for your shop.

Your Shop: Your shop used to be run by your grandmother, but she has gotten too old to keep it up. You are given the task of running it and attracting visitors to town. There are three stands you can open in your shop: the Juice Bar, the Egg Decoration Stand, and the Ice Cream Stand.

Seed Shop: A shop run by Rebecca and her son Cecil. They sell crop seeds that you can plant in your fields. You can use the resulting fruits and vegetables to make juice to sell in the Juice Bar.

Animal Shop: A shop run by Mint and her brother Nick. All animals are sold here. The products that the animals yield can be made into decorated eggs and ice cream to sell in the Egg Decoration Stand and Ice Cream Stand.

Tool Shop: A shop run by Daniel and his younger sister Cynthia. They sell various add-ons for your shop to improve your products, as well as some tools.

Decoration Shop: Run by Takakura and his apprentice Danica. They sell decorations to make your shop look more aesthetically pleasing, as well as additional fields to grow crops in.

Happy Tower: A unique windmill located on Clover Hill. It is the most famous landmark of the town and is said to be home to harvest sprites.

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