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"What do I like? ...Drawing pictures, I guess."

Colin (コリン, Korin) is a character in Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns.

Inheriting his poor talking skills from his father, Hector, he's not very good at talking to people. He likes bugs and drawing pictures. In the morning, he's often playing at his friend Noel's house.[2]

Colin was born out of town to Hector and his now deceased mother. Though he feels that he has always lived in Westown[3], he moved to town when he was two years old. As his mother died when he was young, he doesn't remember her besides her voice and warm hugs.


Gift Preferences
Special マッシュポテト
Loved すいか
Liked じゃがいも/トマト/フルーツ/Moondrop Flower
Neutral N/A
Disliked ////
Hated ///


  • In the game files, he's referred to as "AMERICAFARMSON."


  1. 僕の好きなこと?…絵を描くこと、かな。
  2. 父のヘクター譲りの口下手で、人と話すことが少し苦手。絵を描くことや虫が大好き。午前中は友達のノエルの家で遊んでいることが多い。
  3. Talk 7
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