"I'm Connie. I'm the fairy that governs this field of land's blessing!"

Connie (コニー, Konii) is a character in Return to PoPoLoCrois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale.

One of the "Galari Sprites" who dwells within the soil of Galariland, protecting the earth as best as she can from those who would see it corrupted by darkness. When her power alone isn't up to the task, she can call out to any nearby heroes who might be able to lend her a helping hand, and even shrink others down to the size of ants so they can jump into the ground itself and banish the dark energy directly from within. Takes her job very seriously and is both gracious and loyal to those who aid her, so if you can be the hero she needs, she'll stand by you through thick and thin to return the favor.[2]


  1. わたしはコニー。この土地の畑の恵みをつかさどる清らかなガラリ妖精なのですわ!
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