The Cooking Festival is an annual event that takes place in Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories.

It is a festival that celebrates food and the culinary expertise of the villagers. In addition, winning the contest will raise your esteem with all the villagers at once (i.e. Gets you extra brownie points ;p)

Time : 10:00PM - 2:59PM

Date : 23rd of Spring and Fall

Venue: Chesnut Town Main Square '''(Talk to Hanna who's standing by the fountain)

Participating and winning this contest for the first time will trigger the "Cooking Participant" and "Cooking Champion" memories respectively.

For the 1st year, to win all you need to make is Meuniere (if you have all the ingredients) or any kind of Great Food (i.e. Great Strawberry Jam). The reward for winning this contest is the ore of a semi-precious stone such as onyx, emerald, etc. As the cooking contest progresses it will take more points to win, so to win you will need to make more challenging dishes. A sure win for all cooking contests is Legendary Meuniere (Rainbow Trout, Legendary Butter and salt). This dish is worth 6400 points.

Cooking cutscene :

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