Recipes in Harvest Moon 64 are obtained by giving certain products, such as crops or milk, to certain villagers. Although recipes are collected, they cannot be used to create food dishes of any kind. Having all 35 recipes listed below is necessary to impress the Gourmet and receive a positive review when your Father comes to check on your progress.

Some recipes will only be given under certain conditions, such as the recipient of your gift liking you a certain amount.


Recipe Item Item Season Recipe Giver Notes
Cream of Turnip Stew Turnip Spring Mayor's Wife
Easy Tomato Soup Tomato Summer Zack Listed as "Tomato Crem Soup" in the recipe book.
Tomato Rice Tomato Summer Sasha Requires certain affection level.
Simple Tomato Soup Tomato Summer Pastor Brown
Corn Fritter Corn Summer Doug
Corn Pasta Corn Summer Basil
Mashed Potato Potato Spring Ann
Fried Potatoes and Bacon Potato Spring Mayor
Vegetable Tomato Stew Tomato Summer Lillia Listed as "Twice-Cooked Tomatoes and Greens" in the recipe book.
Garlic Potato Beef Potato Spring Harris
Eggplant with Miso Paste Eggplant Fall Midwife
Rolled Cabbage Cabbage Spring Maria
Stuffed Omelet Egg Any Season Gray Requires certain affection level.
Spa-poached Egg Egg Any Season Kent
Handmade Butter Milk Any Season Rick
Mushroom Rice Mushroom Fall Head Carpenter
Fried Char Large Fish Any Season


Grilled Trout with Cheese At least Medium-Sized Fish Any Season Carpenter #1
Char Stuffed with Mushrooms Mushroom Fall Carpenter #2
Steamed Clams with Wine Wild Grapes Fall Gotz Requires certain affection level.
Miso Soup with Sprouts Edible Herb Spring through Fall Potion Shop Dealer
Sesame Dandelion Greens Medicinal Herb Spring through Fall Saibara
Mushroom Salsa Mushroom Fall Harvest Sprites
Strawberry Dog Strawberry Winter Stu
Herb Rice Cake Edible Herb Spring through Fall Sydney Given during Spring only.
Bread Pudding Egg or Milk Any Season Elli
Walnut Cake Walnut Summer Ellen Listed as "Herb Rice Cake" in the recipe book.
Potato Pancake Potato Spring May
Strawberry Jam Strawberries Winter Popuri
Strawberry Champagne Strawberries Winter Karen
Veryberry Wine Veryberry Fruit Spring Kai
Spice Tea Milk or Egg Any Season Cliff Given during Winter only.
Hot Spicy Wine Wild Grapes Fall Duke
Cinnamon Milk Tea Milk Any Season Jeff
Turnip & Cabbage Preserves Cabbage or Turnip


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