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Cooking has always been a part of any Harvest Moon game. In Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley, there are a lot of differences in cooking from other Harvest Moon games in the series.

You can put up to three ingredients into the utensils, regardless of whether or not a perfect dish is created. Some of the utensils are upgradable and some dishes are unavailable to you unless you upgrade them. Louis sells these upgraded utensils for money and either a Silver or Gold ore.

Kitchen Utensils

Utensil Size Notes
Frying Pan Small Available at the start
Pot Small Available at the start
Mixer N/A bought from Louis' Item Shop for 2000 G
Oven N/A bought from Louis' Item Shop for 1500 G
Pot Medium upgrade in Louis' Item Shop for 1,500 G & 1 silver ore
Pot Large upgrade in Louis' Item Shop for 3,000 G & 1 gold ore
Frying Pan Medium upgrade in Louis' Item Shop for 1,500 G & 1 silver ore
Frying Pan Large upgrade in Louis' Item Shop for 3,000 G & 1 gold ore

Cooking Recipes

For a cooking guide, here is the complete list of recipes that are available in Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley.

Frying Pan

Name Ingredients  Selling Price
Jam Sandwich Bread, any Jam 300G
Stewed Apples Apple 60G
A. Cheese Cheese, Cheese, Cheese 480G
Boiled Horse Mackeral Horse Mackeral, Mushroom 300G
Broiled Squid Squid 90G
Butter-Fried Salmon Salmon, Butter 280G
Teriyaki Swordfish Swordfish 180G
Broiled Chub Pale Chub 60G
Shrimp Pilaf Rice, Butter, Shrimp 390G
Broiled Eel Eel 130G
Seafood Pilaf Fish, Butter, Fish 410G
Fish Cream Sautee Milk, Butter, Fish 550G
Porgy Carpaccio Porgy, Olive Oil 280G
Broiled Loach Loach 70G
Broiled Catfish Catfish 110G
Tuna Carpaccio Tuna, Olive Oil 260G
Teriyaki Amberjack Amberjack 120G
Flounder Meuniere  Flounder, Breadfruit, Butter 370G
Sauteed Clam Clam, Butter 240G
Rainbow Trout Kebob Rainbow Trout, Miso 290G
Tuna Steak Tuna 200G
Stewed Rockfish Black Rockfish 60G
Fish Meuniere Fish, Breadfruit, Butter 350G
Broiled Fish Fish 120G
Fish Meal Fish, any Vegetable, Mushroom, Nut, or Green Herb 300G
Plain Omelet Egg, Milk 250G
Fruit Omelet Egg, any Fruit, Milk 290G
Cheese Omelet Egg, Cheese 400G
Loaded Omelet Egg, Milk, Mushroom, Nut, or Green Herb 300G
Fried Lobster Lobster, Butter 230G
French Toast Bread, Egg, Milk 350G
Fried Egg Egg 80G
Omelet Rice Egg, Rice, Tomato 280G
Sauteed Mushrooms Mushroom, Butter 350G
Fried Mushroom Mushroom 80G
Butter Corn Corn, Butter 220G
Tomato Salad Tomato, Tomato, Tomato 340G
Fried Rice Rice, Egg 250G
Gourmet Mushroom Sautee Mushroom, Mushroom, Butter 400G
Sandwich Bread, Boiled Egg, Cheese, or Tomato 400G
Pilaf Rice, Butter 250G
Sauteed Spinach Spinach, Butter 280G
Pancake Breadfruit, Milk, Egg 240G
Popcorn Corn, Olive Oil 240G
Fried Corn Corn 80G


Name Ingredients Selling Price
Strawberry Jam Strawberry, Strawberry, Strawberry 160G
Orange Marmalade Orange, Orange, Orange 130G
Cranberry Jam Cranberry, Cranberry, Cranberry 100G
Blueberry Jam Blueberry, Blueberry, Blueberry 100G
Very Berry Jam Very Berry, Very Berry, Very Berry 140G
Mixed Berry Jam Cranberry, Blueberry, Very Berry 110G
Apple Jam Apple, Apple, Apple 120G
Cheese 3 S. Milk, or 2 M. Milk, or 1 Large Milk 500G
Cheese Risotto Rice, Olive Oil, Cheese 600G
Hot Milk Milk 180G
Squid Rice Squid, Rice 220G
Fried Squid Squid, Breadfruit 180G
Monkfish Stew Monkfish, any Vegetable 310G
Fine Cheese Gold Milk 600G
Yogurt S. Milk, S. Milk 350G
Chicken Grunt Vinegar Chicken Grunt, Miso, Green Herb 330G
Fried Huchen Huchen, Breadfruit, Olive Oil 350G
Marinated Sardines Sardine, Olive Oil 290G
Pickled Char Char, Rice 200G
Fried Shrimp Shrimp, Breadfruit, Olive Oil 330G
Marinated Salmon Salmon, Olive Oil 280G
Clam Chowder Clam, Milk 280G
Grouper Stew Longtooth Grouper, any Vegetable 340G
Fried Leatherfish Leatherfish, Breadfruit 200G
Canh Chua Blotched Snakehead, Tomato, Green Herb 280G
Salmon Cream Stew Milk, Butter, Salmon 330G
Miso Mackerel Mackerel, Miso 280G
Spanish Mackerel Stew Spanish Mackerel, Shrimp, Spinach 360G
Pike Rice Pike, Rice
Seafood Stew Milk, Butter, any Fish 350G
Marinated Herring Olive, Oil 270G
Dark Sleeper Stew Dark Sleeper, Miso, any Vegetable 320G
Cod Soup Cod, Miso, any Vegetable 340G
Marinated Octopus Octopus, Olive Oil 360G
Seafood Risotto Rice, Olive Oil, any Fish 360G
Bouillabaisse Tomato, any Fish 240G
Tiger Globefish Stew Globefish, any Vegetable 340G
Stewed Masu Salmon Masu Salmon, Honey 240G
Boiled Octopus Octopus 90G
Boiled Egg Egg 80G
Triangle Soup Salmon, any Vegetable 240G
Stewed Fish Fish 120G
Fried Smelt Smelt, Onion 180G
Marinated Smelt Smelt, Olive Oil 230G
Boiled Lobster Lobster 140G
Porgy and Rice Porgy, Rice 270G
Loach Stew Loach, Egg 260G
Egg Custard Egg, Mushroom, Full Moon Berry 290G
Onion Soup Onion 100G
Gazpacho Tomato, Onion, Olive Oil 200G
Cream of Corn Soup Corn, Milk 190G
Chestnut and Rice Rice, Chestnut 220G
Carrot Coup Carrot, Milk 230G
Mushroom and Rice Rice, Mushroom 330G
Cream of Mushroom Soup Mushroom, Milk 250G
Croquette Potato, Breadfruit, Olive Oil 250G
Stew Milk, Butter 300G
Buttered Potato Potato, Butter 260G
Tomato Cream Soup Tomato, Milk 180G
Tomato Risotto Rice, Olive Oil, Tomato 280G
French Fries Potato, Olive Oil 360G
Porridge Potato, Milk 210G
Spinach Risotto Rice, Olive Oil. Spinach 310G
Baked Golden Potato Golden Potato
Pumpkin Soup Pumpkin, Milk 240G
Mashed Potatoes Potato 90G
Minestrone Tomato, Onion 200G
Boiled Corn Corn 80G


Name Ingredients Selling Price
Orange Juice Orange, Orange, Orange 140G
Grape Juice Grape, Grape, Grape 170G
Strawberry Milk Strawberry, Milk 200G
Butter Milk S, Milk S, Milk S 450G
Fried Dolphinfish Dolphinfish, Green Herb 250G
Tomato Juice Tomato, Tomato, Tomato 120G
Mixed Juice Apple, Orange, Grape 130G
Vegetable Juice Any three Vegetables 180G
Apple Juice Apple, Apple, Apple 120G


Name Ingredients Selling Price
Cookies Breadfruit, Butter, Egg 220G
Orange Cookies Breadfruit, Egg, Orange 270G
Herb Cookies Breadfruit, Egg, Herb 200G
Cake Breadfruit, Milk, Egg 240G
Carrot Cake Carrot, Breadfruit, Milk 370G
Strawberry Shortcake Breadfruit, Milk, Strawberry 340G
Cheesecake Breadfruit, Milk, Cheese 340G
Hone Cake Breadfruit, Egg, Honey 400G
Fruitcake Breadfruit, Milk, any Berry 320G
Pumpkin Cake Breadfruit, Milk, Pumpkin 330G
Special Cheesecake Special Cheese, Milk, Breadfruit 400G
Muffin Breadfruit, Very Berry, any Fruit 180G
Mont Blanc Breadfruit, Milk, Chestnut 350G
Onion Bread Onion, Breadfruit 260G
Herb Bread Herb, Breadfruit 120G
Walnut Bread Breadfruit, Walnut 210G
Butter Roll Breadfruit, Butter 170G
Pudding Egg, Milk 250G
Fruit Pudding Egg, Milk, Berry 280G
Pumpkin Pudding Egg, Milk, Pumpkin 240G
Cornflakes Corn, Milk 190G
Cheese Potato Cheese, Potato 410G
Pizza Cheese, Tomato, Breadfruit 520G
Mushroom Gratin Mushroom, Milk, Cheese 440G
Potato Gratin Potato, Milk, Cheese 460G
Seafood Gratin Milk, Cheese, Fish 450G
Corn Bread Corn, Breadfruit 180G
Doria Rice, Milk, Cheese
Mushroom Doria Mushroom, Milk, Rice 440G
Roasted Lobster Lobster, Butter, Olive Oil 480G
Grilled Fish and Mushrooms Fish, Mushroom, Herb 320G
Mediterranean Fish and Tomato Olive Oil, Tomato, Salmon 350G
Roasted Fish Salmon, Olive Oil, Breadfruit 300G
Foil Grilled Fish Trout, Salmon, and one other fish 130G
Herb Grilled Fish Rainbow Trout, Salmon, Herb 280G
Broiled Clam Clam 60G
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