IL Coolking
There are several recipes to learn in Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon.

Cooking Recipes are learned by watching the "Cooking Life" channel on TV each week. Dorothy hosts the show and will teach a new category of recipes each week. There are 10 different categories of cooking in total.

Dorothy will provide the base recipe, but there is room for improvement to make your dish better and better. There are also certain dishes that are unlocked only after you ship a certain item. There is no limit to how much you can cook, as you do not need to gather the ingredients to cook and cooking doesn't use up any PP.


Recipe Possible Outcomes Extra
Tea Yucky Tea, Regular Tea, Apple Tea, Milk Tea
Coffee Icky Coffee, Coffee, Cafe au Lait, Vienna Coffee
Herbal Tea Nasty Herb Tea, Chamomile Tea, Lavender Tea, Mint Tea


Recipe Possible Outcomes Extra
Salad Gross Salad, Italian Salad, Tomato Salad (Summer ONLY), Fresh Salad (unlocks once Mayonnaise has been shipped), Cabbage Salad (unlocks once Cabbage has been shipped) Need Cabbage, Tomato and Mayonnaise for all outcomes. 
Fruit Dessert Miserable Fruit Dessert, Fruit Dessert, Fruit with Yogurt Sauce, Fresh Papaya (unlocks once Papaya has shipped), Tropical Cocktail (Summer ONLY) Papaya needed for all outcomes.

Cutting (Advanced)

Recipe Possible Outcomes Extra
Sushi Sushi Plate, Sushi Master Plate Fish is required for this to unlock.
Sandwich Normal Sandwich, Yummy Sandwich, BLT Sandwich, Fruit Sandwich


Recipe Possible Outcomes Extra
Stew Instant Stew, Beef Stew, Chunky Beef Stew, Beef Stew with Wine
Curry and Rice Instant Curry, Curry Rice (Mild), Curry Rice (Medium), Curry Rice (Spicy)

Cutting Drinks

Recipe Possible Outcomes Extra
Vegetable Juice Leftover Green Veggie Juice, Leftover Red Veggie Juice, Mixed Vegetable Juice, Red Vegetable Juice, Green Vegetable Juice, Tomato Juice
Fruit Juice Fresh Juice, Yogurt Smoothie, Soy Milk Mix, Kale Juice (requires Kale to have beens shipped) Kale required for all outcomes.

Boiling (Advanced)

Recipe Possible Outcomes Extra
Boiled Fish Fishy Boiled Fish, Boiled Fish, Tasty Boiled Fish, Boiled Flounder Fish is required for this to unlock.
Boiled Vegetables Instant Meat and Potatoes, Meat and Potatoes, Boiled Chicken and Taro, Boiled Vegetables
Pot au-fu Instant Pot au-fu, Pot au-fu, Chicken Pot au-fu, Cabbage Roll Pot au-fu
Spaghetti Overcooked Spaghetti, Instant Meat Sauce, Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, Garlic Spaghetti, Spaghetti Carbonara, Spaghetti with Eggplant (In Fall ONLY, after shipping Eggplant) Eggplant required for all outcomes.


Recipe Possible Outcomes Extra
Omelet Clumsy Omelet, Omelet, Cheese Omelet, Potato and Bacon Eggplant, Fluffy Plain Omelet
Salisbury Steak Beginner's Salisbury Steak, Burnt Salisbury Steak, Salisbury Steak, Healthy Salisbury Steak, Mushroom Salisbury Steak (after shipping multiple species of mushrooms)

Grilling (Advanced)

Recipe Possible Outcomes Extra
Grilled Fish Burnt Fish, Grilled Fish, Perfectly Grilled Fish, Salt Grilled Mackerel Fish is required for this to unlock.
Steak Tasteless Overcooked Steak, Steak, Plain Grilled Steak, Garlic Steak

Oven Baked Dishes

Recipe Possible Outcomes Extra
Roast Beef Plain Grilled Beef, Roast Beef, Roast Beef with Herbs, Roast Beef with Teriyaki
Macaroni and Cheese Instant Mac & Cheese, Lumpy Mac & Cheese, Bacon Mac & Cheese, Broccoli Mac & Cheese, Shrimp Mac & Cheese
Pizza Frozen Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, Four Cheese Pizza

Oven Baked Desserts

Recipe Possible Outcomes Extra
Bread Instant Bread, Fresh Baked Bread, Fresh Baked Raisin Bread, Walnut & Almond Bread
Cake Mediocre Cake, Shortcake, Fruit Tart, Chocolate Special (unlocked after Christmas Party), Flower Special (unlocked after Christmas Party) Must attend the Christmas Party for all outcomes.
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