This is a list of both cooking and non cooking recipes found in Harvest Moon: Magical Melody

To obtain the cooking utensils such as the pot and the oven, you can buy most of them from the junk shop. You can place them on your kitchen at home. [1]

All of the utensils can be bought at the junk shop, except for the mixing pot and aging pot. They can be obtained from Saibara after he moves into town. 

Cooking Utensils

Utensil Price
Pot 500G
Oven 700G
Frying Pan 500G
Mixer 400G
Dye Pot 500G
Knife Set Comes with kitchen
Aging Pot Befriend Saibara to 3 hearts and ship 5 good clay
Mixing Pot Befriend Saibara to 5 hearts and ship 10 good clay

Frying Pan Recipes

Item Ingredients Shipping Price
Baked Potato Butter, Potato 190G
Char Meuniere Char, Breadfruit, Butter 580G
Cheese Omelet Egg, Milk, Butter, Cheese 890G
Flounder Meuniere Flounder, Breadfruit, Butter 535G
Fried Veggies Cabbage, Onion, Bell Pepper, Spinach or Eggplant 310G
Grilled Clam Butter, Clam 400G
Halibut Meuniere Hailbut, Breadfruit, Butter 495G
Maple Flounder Meuniere Maple Flounder, Breadfruit, Butter 700G
Mushroom Saute Butter, Mushroom 140G
Pancake Butter, Bread Fruit, Milk, Egg, Honey 893G
Plain Omelet Egg, Milk, Butter 620G
Popcorn Corn 210G
R. Trout Meuniere R. Trout, Bread Fruit, Butter 675G
Salmon Meuniere Salmon, Breadfruit, Butter 610G
Sardine Meuniere Sardine, Breadfruit, Butter 515G
Spicy Fried Veggies

Cayenne, and one of:

Cabbage, Onion, Bell Pepper, Spinach or Eggplant

Spinach Saute Butter, Spinach 220G
Steamed Clam Grape Soda, Clam 515G
Sunny Side-Up Egg 140G
Toadstool Saute Toadstool, Butter 160G
Tomato Omelette Egg, Milk, Butter, Tomato 790G
Tortilla Corn, Milk 440G
Truffle Saute Butter, Truffle 1090G

Tuna Steak

Tuna 450G
Yamame Meuniere Yamame, Breadfruit, Butter. 570G
Yellowtail Teriyaki Y: Yellowtail 300G

Bonfire Recipes

Item Ingredients Shipping Price
Anchovy Sardine 35G
Baked Chestnut Chestnut 60G
Baked Corn Corn 160G
Baked Yam Yam 90G
Bonito Steak Bonito 250G
Broiled Blowfish Blowfish 113G
Broiled C. Carp Crucian Carp 40G
Broiled Chulow fish Chulow Fish 15G
Broiled Clam Clam 60G
Broiled Crawfish Crawfish 20G
Broiled Flounder Flounder 55G
Broiled Halibut Halibut 60G
Broiled Jamsquid Jamsquid 1010G
Broiled Lampsquid Lampsquid 70G
Broiled Lobster Lobster 100G
Broiled Mackerel Mackerel 40G
Broiled M. Flounder M.Flounder 70G
Broiled Nicesquid Nicesquid 1010G
Broiled Opaleye Opaleye 70G
Broiled S. Carp S. Carp 30G
Broiled Shinapper Shinapper 210G
Broiled Shrimp Shrimp 110G
Broiled Snapper Snapper 210G
Broiled Squid Squid 45G
Broiled Tuna Tuna 310G
Broiled Yellowtail Yellowtail 160G
Salted Amago Amago 110G
Salted Char Char 100G
Salted Cureall Cureall 60G
Salted Dace Dace 25G
Salted Halfbeak Halfbeak 45G
Salted Huchen Huchen 230G
Salted R.trout Rainbow Trout 45G
Salted Salmon Salmon 230G
Salted Saury Saury 40G
Salted Smelt Smelt 20G
Salted Yamame Yamame 90G

Dye Pot Recipes

Item Ingredients Shipping Price
Blue Yarn Yarn, Blue Mist Flower 1500G
Failed Yarn Yarn
Green Yarn Yarn, Green Leaf Herb 1300G
Orange Yarn Yarn, Orange Leaf Herb 1330G
Pink Yarn Yarn, Pinkcat Flower
Purple Yarn Yarn, Purple Leaf Herb 1275G
Red Yarn Yarn, Red Herb 1280G
Yellow Yarn Yarn, Yellow Herb                       1240G

Aging Pot Recipes

Item Ingredients Shipping Price
Pickled Eggplant Eggplant 230G
Pickled Turnip Turnip 200G
Pickled Cabbage Cabbage 280G
Apple Soda 2 Apples 740G
Very Berry Soda 2 Very Berries 230G
Grape Soda 2 Grapes 580G
Deviled Egg Boiled Egg 250G
Yogurt 2 Milk 540G

Mixer Recipes

Item Ingredients Shipping Price
Apple Juice Apple 350G
Blueberry juice Blueberry 100G
Grape Juice Grapes 270G
Grass Juice

Cabbage, Spinach, Green Herb + Bell Pepper

Milkshake Egg, Milk 360G
Orange Juice Orange 250G
Strawberry Milk Strawberry, Milk 480G
Tomato Juice Tomato 200G
Veggie Juice Carrot + Spinach 320G
Very Berry Juice Very Berry 95G

Mixing Pot Recipes

Item Ingredients Shipping Price
Blue Balm Blue Mist Flower 1200G
Green Balm 3 Green Herb  400G
Orange Balm 3 Orange Herb  460G
Pink Balm 3 Pinkflowercat  500G

Moon Balm

3 Moondrop Flower


Purple Balm 3 Purple Herb  350G
Bravo Drink Egg, Pontata Root, Honey, Purple Herb 498G
Caffeine Milk, Cocoa, Cayenne 610G
Potion Green Herb, Pontata Root, Honey 423G
Stamina Drink Red Herb, Pontata Root, Honey 403G

Knife Recipes

Item Ingredients Shipping Price
Egg Sandwich Bread, Butter, Boiled Egg, Mayonnaise 1120G
Pie dough Bread Fruit, Butter, Egg 640G
Quesadilla Tortilla, Tomato, Onion, Bell, Pepper, Cheese 1100G
Tomato Sandwich Bread, Butter, Tomato, Mayonnaise 1190G
Veggie salad Cabbage, Tomato, Corn, Onion, Mayonnaise, Boiled Egg 280G


Sashimi is made with the Knife Set and one Fish

Item Shipping Price
Amago 110G
Blowfish 113G
Bonito 150G
Char 100G
Flounder 55G
Halfbeak 45G
Halibut 60G
Huchen 1100G
Jamasquid 1110G
Lampsquid 170G
Lobster 100G
Maple Flounder 70G
Nice Squid 1110G
Opaleye 70G
Rainbow Trout 45G
Salmon 130G
Sardine 35G
Saury 40G
Shinapper 210G
Shrimp 110G
Snadore 260G
Squid 145G
Tuna 410G
Yamame 90G
Yellowtail 160G

Oven Recipes

Item Ingredients Shipping
Apple Pie Pie Dough, Egg, Apple 1150G
Bread Breadfruit, Butter, Egg 610G
Cake Breadfruit, Egg, Butter, Milk 810G
Cheese Cake Breadfruit, Egg, Butter, Milk, Cheese 1080G
Chestnut Cake Breadfruit, Egg, Butter, Milk, Chestnut 880G
Chestnut Pie Pie Dough, Egg, Chestnut 900G
Cocoa Cake Butter, Egg, Milk, Breadfruit, Cocoa 990G
Cocoa Pudding Milk, Egg, Cocoa 570G
Corn Bread Corn, Butter, Egg 590G
Eggplant Gratin Butter, Cheese, Eggplant, Tomato 900G
Grilled Crawfish Crawfish 120G
Grilled Halibut Herb, Halibut 235G
Grilled Lobster Lobster 200G
Grilled Mackerel Mackerel, Herb 215G
Grilled Rainbow Trout Rainbow Trout, Herb 220G
Grilled Salmon Salmon, Herb 305
Grilled Sardine Sardine, Herb 210G
Grilled Saury Saury, Herb 215G
Grilled Shrimp Shrimp 210G
Grilled Smelt Smelt, Herb 110G
Grilled Snapper Snapper, Herb 335G
Grilled Tuna Tuna, Herb 485G
Honey Cake Breadfruit, Egg, Butter, Milk, Honey 913G
Jamasquid Teriyaki Jamasquid 170G
Lampsquid Teriyaki Lampsquid 170G
Mushroom Gratin Butter, Cheese, Milk, Mushroom 880G
Nice Squid Teriyaki Nice Squid 1110G
Orange Cake Breadfruit, Egg, Butter, Milk, Orange 1030G
Pizza Pie Dough, Tomato, Cheese, Onion, Bell Pepper, Corn 1465G
Potato Gratin Butter, Cheese, Milk, Potato 930G
Pudding Milk, Egg 390G
Pumpkin Pie Pie dough, Egg, Pumpkin 1030G
Pumpkin Pudding Milk, Egg, Pumpkin 590G
Seafood Gratin Butter, Cheese, Milk, Shrimp, Clam, Squid 975G
Seafood Pizza Pie Dough, Tomato, Cheese, Shrimp, Clam, Squid 1355G
Squid Teriyaki Squid 145G
Yam Pie Yam, Egg, Milk, Butter 1300G

Pot Recipes

Item Ingredients Shipping
Apple Jam Apple x2 690G
Blue berry Jam Blueberry x2 190G
Boiled Egg Egg 140G
Boiled Spinach: Spinach 190G
Bouillabaisse Tomato, Onion, Herb, Fish, Clam, Shrimp 695G
Caramelized Amango Amango x2 110G
Caramelized C.carp Crucian Carp x2 150G
Caramelized S.carp Silver carp x2 130G
Caramelized Smelt Smelt x2 110G
Cocoa: Milk Milk, Cocoa 470G
Corn Soup Milk, Corn 410G
Cream Salmon Milk, Butter, Breadfruit, Carrot, Onion, Salmon 1530G
Herb Tea Green Herb 160G
Hot Milk Milk 260G
Marmalade Orange x2 490G
Miso mackerel Mackerel. 140G
Mushroom soup Mushroom, milk 340G
Onion soup Butter, onion, bread, cheese 1310G
Potage soup Milk, potato 390G
Pumpkin soup Pumpkin, milk 470G
Spicy stew Butter, carrot, onion, potato 490G
Stew milk, butter, breadfruit, carrot, onion, potato 1510G
Stewed Eggplant Eggplant 260G
Stewed Flounder Flounder 105G
Stewed Potato Potato 160G
Stewed Pumpkin Pumpkin 240G
Stewed Snapper Snapper 210G
Stewed Yellowtail Yellowtail 210G
Strawberry jam Strawberry x2 490G
Tomato sardine Sardine, tomato, herb 360G
Tomato soup Milk, tomato 440G
Tomato squid Squid, tomato, herb 370G
Very berry jam very berry x2 180G

How to Unlock Certain Recipe

  • Nice Squid Teriyaki Recipe received when you first make the dish.
  • Jamasquid Teriyaki Recipe received when you first make the dish.
  • Huchen Sashimi Recipe received when you first make the dish.
  • Salted Huchen Recipe received when you first make the dish.
  • Broiled Nice Squid Recipe received when you first make the dish.
  • Broiled Jamasquid Recipe received when you first make the dish.

Gift Recipes

  • Grilled Clam Recipe is received from Hank at 5 hearts
  • Pumpkin Pie Recipe received from Liz at 5 hearts
  • Grass Juice Recipe received from Tai at 5 hearts
  • Apple Soda Recipe received from Duke at 5 hearts
  • Pickled Turnip Recipe received from Woody at 5 hearts
  • Very Berry Soda Recipe received from Ronald at 5 hearts
  • Cream Salmon Recipe received from Doug at 5 hearts
  • Stamina Drink Recipe received from Alex at 2 and a half hearts
  • Bravo Drink Recipe received from Michael at 5 hearts
  • Mushroom Soup received from Harvest Sprites
  • Potato Gratin Recipe received from Mayor Theodore after giving him Saibara's plate


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