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The Cow Barn

Cows are one of your primary sources of revenue in the game. One of the buildings on your farm is a cow barn. In it are 5 stalls; 4 for standard cows and the 5th for a pregnant cow (if you have one). In the upper right corner is a bin that hold the fodder, and the boxes around the room are where you place the fodder so your cows can eat it. You can't buy a cow without having a certain amount of grass planted first. Once you buy your first medium-sized cow, you'll get a Cow Bell for free, and you can use it for herding your cows.

An alternative to buying cows is buying an M. Potion which will make a cow you already own pregnant. Once you use it on a cow, it will move to the 5th stall the next morning. After it goes to the 5th stall, it will take 21 days for it to give birth to a baby cow. Here are the maturity stages of a cow:

Calf » 15 Days » Med Cow » 23 Days » Cow

Once a cow has become fully grown, it will produce different sizes of milk; small, medium, and large - large being worth the most. From the milk, you can make cheese or butter. Here are the selling prices for the produce:

Size Cost
Small Milk  150 G
Medium Milk  250 G
Large Milk  350 G
Butter  500 G
Cheese  500 G

Once a cow is fully grown, you can also sell it back. It will sell for different prices depending on what type of milk it makes. Note that the Animal Shop will not buy back calves or medium cows. Here are the selling prices for the different cows:

Cow Cost
Calf Not for sale
Med Cow Not for sale
Cow with Small Milk 5000 G
Cow with Medium Milk 8000 G
Cow with Large Milk 12000 G
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