Cows are animals and livestock in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

A cow is one of the most useful animals in game. When it matures, a healthy cow will always produce milk.

Cows can be purchased from Sofia for 7,000G. When you buy a cow, it will automatically be sent to your barn.


Species Cost Adulthood Product Pregnancy
Cow 7000G 15 Days Milk 5 Days
Brown Cow 20,000G 15 Days Chocolate Milk 5 Days


Immature Cow

These are the cows that have not fully grown. With proper love and care, the cow will fully mature into an adult cow. It takes a full 16 days for an immature cow to grow into a mature adult cow.

Mature Cow

Mature adult cows are capable of producing milk every day. Cows will only produce milk if they are in a good mood, are healthy and are not pregnant. The more affection that a cow has, the better quality milk that they will produce. 

Pregnant Cow

Healthy adult cows can be impregnated using a cow miracle potion which can be purchased from Sofia for 8,000g. When a cow becomes pregnant, they will no longer produce milk until after the birth. Cows that are pregnant require the same level of care as regular cows. Pregnant cows will give birth in 6 days. Pregnant cows will become immobile and stay at their resting hay area.

Taking care of pregnant cows is just the same as taking care of regular cows, so you don't need to provide her with special care.

Cow Products

Product Sell: Sam (G) Sell: Bastian (G)
Milk 150 225
Great Milk 180 270
Ultimate Milk 70 105
Supreme Milk 200 300
Miracle Milk 300 450
Chocolate Milk 450 675
Great Chocolate Milk 540 810
Ultimate Chocolate Milk 590 885
Supreme Chocolate Milk 680 1020
Miracle Chocolate Milk 900 1350
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