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Cows are barn animals that produce milk daily, once mature in Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility.

They are purchasable and breedable, like the cows of proceeding games. You can buy a Cow as soon as you buy an Animal Barn (from Dale's Carpentry). Cows have a lifespan of around 3 years, unless they die of sickness or neglect.

Getting a Cow

Initially, the only way you can obtain a cow is by buying one from Brownie Ranch. They cost 4500 G, and will be a calf when purchased. The calf will take one full season (28 days) to mature, and will not produce any milk before that.

You can also breed your own cows, with a Cow Miracle Potion, also purchasable from Brownie Ranch. Each Cow Miracle Potion costs 2100 G, and using it on an adult cow will impregnate it. Your pregnant cow will give birth to a calf in 14 days. It will be fully grown in a season and live about 6 years.


Each cow can be one of three colors: black, brown, or black-and-white. Whether your cow is bought or bred, the color of its coat will be completely random (i.e. a black cow may or may not give birth to a black calf; it has equal chances of mothering a brown or black-and-white cow). Since the color is determined at birth or purchase, if you really want a certain color, save the game and reset it on the day you buy the cow or on the day the calf is born until you get the desired color.

Unlike some titles in the Harvest Moon series, your cow's appearance will not have any effect on the milk it produces.


For the best milk you should let your cow(s) out to graze on sunny days. On non-sunny days feed them fodder. You can also hand feed your cows treats to raise their affection. Brushing your cow also raises its affection, you can purchase a brush from Brownie Ranch. You should also talk to them and milk them daily to increase their hearts.


Once your Cow is old enough, they will start to produce milk. Use the Milker (you can buy it at Brownie Ranch) to collect milk. They will start with giving you Decent Milk, as their affection rises they will move up to Good, Perfect, and finally Shining Milk. You can make Butter and Cheese with the milk you get from cows. To make Butter/Cheese you have to put it in a maker that you can buy at the General Store. The quality of the Butter/Cheese will be the same as the quality of the Milk used to make it. It becomes more valuable once made into butter or cheese.

Product Shipping Prices

Milk Shipping Prices
Decent Milk 100G
Good Milk 130G
Perfect Milk 160G
Shining Milk 260G
Butter Shipping Prices
Decent Butter 120G
Good Butter 150G
Perfect Butter 240G
Shining Butter 300G

Cheese Shipping Prices
Decent Cheese 140G
Good Cheese 170G
Perfect Cheese 240G
Shining Cheese 340G
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