Cows and Sheep in your Barn

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Cows are useful animals to have in Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar. They give you a lot of profit because they produce milk every day, and they don't require much upkeep. They may seem expensive when you are first starting out, but in the long run if you keep your cow healthy and happy, you will earn more money than you will have spent to buy it. This page will cover keeping your cow happy, the different things cows produce, and more.

Buying a Cow

Cows are the middle value when it comes to livestock, with chickens being the cheapest and sheep being the most expensive. Here are the prices for different "types" of cows:

  • Baby Cow = 6,000 G
  • Adult Cow = 12,000 G
  • Baby Jersey Cow = 10,000 G
  • Adult Jersey Cow = 18,000 G

Note: You unlock the Jersey cows when you reach year 3 of your game.

Maturity Stages

As you can see above, baby cows are cheaper than the adult cows. A baby cow will mature into an adult cow (for both regular and Jersey) after 20 in-game days. If the baby cow takes longer to mature, it means you forgot to feed it for at least a day. For every day that a baby cow doesn't get fed, it will take an extra day to mature into an adult cow.

Once a cow matures into an adult cow, it won't get any older until it dies. Unfortunately even the healthiest and happiest of cows will eventually die in your game. Cows will start to die of old age at around 5 years from the day you bought it, but they will most likely live to around 7 years. It is unlikely that your cow(s) will live to be much older than 7, but it could hapen if you're lucky. Once your cow turns 7, there will be an 80% chance of death every morning after 7 years of age. How long your cow lives all depends on how well you care for it. All of the above applies assuming your cow didn't get sick and die from that sickness, which can be easily cured with animal medicine.


True, your cows can only make 3 possible items; Milk, Golden Milk, and Jersey Milk (can only be prduced by a Jersey cow), but once the windmill on your farm becomes available you can make many more items out of the basic 3. they can also be used for cooking recipes in your kitchen:


Avg. Profit 

.5 stars

Avg. Profit

2.5 stars

Avg. Profit

5 stars

Milk 160 G 288 G 448 G
Jersey Milk 320 G 576 G 896 G
Golden Milk 640 G 1152 G 1792 G
Windmill Recipes
Cheese 110 G 200 G 310 G
Good Cheese 300 G 540 G 850 G
Great Cheese 680 G 1230 G 1920 G
Herb Cheese 220 G 400 G 620 G
Good Herb Cheese 410 G 740 G 1160 G
Great Herb Cheese 800 G 1140 G 2240 G
Yogurt 170 G 310 G 490 G
Good Yougurt 410 G 740 G 1160 G

Great Yogurt

830 G 1490 G 2320 G
Fruit Yogurt 1200 2160 G 3360 G
Good Fruit Yogurt 1840 G 3310 G 5150 G
Great Fruit Yogurt 2800 G 5040 G 7840 G
Butter 170 G 310 G 490 G
Good Butter 400 G 720 G 1120 G
Great Butter 780 G 1410 G 2190 G
Herb Butter 320 G 570 G 890 G
Good Herb Butter 510 G 920 G 1430 G
Great Herb Butter 890 G 1610 G 2500 G

The Milker

Every day, you can use the milker on each cow to get milk. Jersey Cows produce Jersey Milk, which as you can see above, sells for more than the standard milk. Enrique gives you the milker in the cutscene where you get your first cow.

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