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Cost: 5000 G each.

A Cow

Profit: 150 G for Small Milk, 250 G for Medium Milk, 350 G for Large Milk

most productive Days to break even = 33


Try to brush, feed, and milk your cow every day. The more you do this, the better and more valuable milk it will produce. Note that only mature cows can be milked. On a sunny day remember to put your cow outside if you have a field of grass (make sure to build a kind of "fence" around it with wood or rocks so that it doesn't stray too far away from the barn). This will save you money on buying it food and will also increase your cow's happiness.

A cow in this game will eat either Fodder or store bought Cow Feed. Cow Feed costs more overall, but obviously requires less work. To get Fodder, cut it from Grass which you can grow in your fields.


Affection is a hidden value in the game that determines the quality of milk. Other than the size of the milk, you normally have no way of checking what your cow's current affection level is. Using the quick ending trick however, you can view your cow's affection levels at the end of the game's result screen.

Affection mechanics spoilers:
Action Affection Change Notes
Brushing +3 Affection -
Talking +1 Affection -
Cow gets pregnant +10 Affection -
Feeding No Change -
Use Cow Medicine No Change -
Miss feeding -8 Affection Cow can become sick
Leave cow in the rain -8 Affection Cow can become sick
Cow becomes sick -20 Affection -
Cow becomes cranky -30 Affection Cow gets cranky when hit, or left outside with broken fences

Milk Quality

The quality (size) of the milk depends on the affection your cow has towards you.

Milk Size Required Affection Selling Price
Small Milk 0-95 150 G
Medium Milk 96-191 250 G
Large Milk 192-255 350 G


Cow Growth in Days
Pregnant Baby Calf Total
21 14 21 56

Calves and baby cows do not need to be fed.

A cow is also necessary to trade to the Traveling Salesman in exchange for a Magic Bean (HM).

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