This is a list of all the crops you can fuse together using Tartan in AWL.

Even if you hybridize two S quality crops/seeds the resulting hybrid will always be a B quality seed.

The "Selling" categories are per 1 unit of seed or produce/hybrid.

Hybrid Crops

Seed Mixtures Resulting Hybrid Harvest Season Selling (Seeds) Selling (Hybrids)
Potato + Watermelon Bashber Spring-Summer 85G 95G
Potato + Sweet Potato Bashota Winter-Summer 20G 85G
Strawberry + Watermelon Berryber Spring-Summer 65G 75G
Melon + Strawberry Berryto 2 Fall-Spring 65G 75G
Strawberry + Sweet Potato Berryto1 Fall-Spring 65G 75G
Strawberry + Tomato Berrytoma Spring-Fall 45G 50G
Carrot + Watermelon Cabber Spring-Summer 70G 80G
Carrot + Strawberry Caberry Fall-Spring 40G 50G
Carrot + Turnip Cady Winter-Summer 40G 50G
Carrot + Melon Camelo Summer-Fall 70G 80G
Strawberry + Turnip Dhibe Fall-Spring 30G 40G
Melon + Turnip Dhilon Summer-Fall 55G 65G
Tomato + Watermelon Gretoma Spring-Fall 65G 75G
Sweet Potato + Turnip Kandy Winter-Summer 50G 60G
Carrot + Sweet Potato Kanro Summer-Fall 60G 70G
Sweet Potato + Watermelon Kashry Spring-Summer 95G 105G
Melon + Tomato Melotoma Spring-Fall 60G 70G
Melon + Watermelon Melober Spring-Summer 90G 100G
Potato + Strawberry Paberryta Fall-Spring 55G 65G
Melon + Potato Potamelo Summer-Fall 80G 90G
Potato + Turnip Radita Winter-Summer 50G 60G
Turnip + Watermelon Raury Spring-Summer 60G 70G
Melon + Sweet Potato Sholo Summer-Fall 80G 90G
Carrot + Potato Tataro Winter-Summer 60G 70G
Potato + Tomato Tobatama Spring-Fall 55G 65G
Carrot + Tomato Tomaca Spring-Fall 45G 55G
Tomato + Turnip Trady Spring-Fall 30G 40G
Sweet Potato + Tomato Yamato Spring-Fall 55G 65G

Hybrid Trees

Seed Mixtures Resulting Hybrid Harvest Season Selling (Seeds) Selling (Hybrids)
Apple + Grape Phuju Summer 40G 420G
Apple + Orange Oraphu Spring 55G 420G
Apple + Peach Phurum Fall 45G 455G
Banana + Apple Appage Fall 40G 540G
Banana + Grape Gehju Fall 50G 470G
Banana + Orange Magenge Winter 45G 540G
Banana + Peach Magerum Winter 50G 610G
Grape + Orange Orahge Summer 45G 420G
Grape + Peach Jurum Fall 50G 470G
Orange + Peach Lanmuge Fall 50G 540G
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