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The ability to grow special crops from other things, here are some things to know.

  • Not all crops produce mutation
  • You need to sell 30-50, depending on the crop, to unlock the seeds and these can be sold to any vendor.
  • Hiring sprites to help increase your chances for mutation
  • They can be produced in multiple seasons


Mutation Base crop Soil type Season
Scallions Onions Dry Spring
Petite onions Onions(?)


Dry Spring
Red onions Scallion Summer
Pearl Onions Petite Onion Fall
Teardrop Red Onion Winter
Huge Cabbage Cabbage Spring
Red cabbage Cabbage Any Spring
Green cabbage Cabbage Swampy Spring


Dome Cabbage Huge Cabbage Winter
Sweet corn Corn Dry Summer
Fodder corn Corn Dry Summer
Sunset Corn Fodder Corn Spring
Yellow Corn Sweet Corn Winter
Mystic herb Celery Grassy Summer
White Cellery Cellery Fall
Royal Herb White Celery Summer


Duren wheat Wheat Any Summer
Barley Wheat Grassy Fall
Rye Barley Winter
San Marzano Tomato Dry Summer
Crimson Tomato Winter
Red Zeppelin San Marzano Spring
Killer Tomato Red Zeppelin Fall
Brown Carrot Carrot swampy summer
Baby Carrot Carrot Grassy Winter
Mandrake Brown Carrot Fall
White Carrot Baby Carrot Winter
red pepper green pepper any Summer
Bell Pepper Green Pepper Summer
Purple Pepper Red Pepper Spring
Magic Pepper Bell Pepper Spring
Golden Pepper Magic Pepper Summer
White Pepper Magic Pepper Winter
Broccolini Broccoli grassy Fall
Evergreen Broccolini Summer
Romanesco Broccolini Winter
Dryad Romanesco Spring
Purple Asparugus Asparagus any winter
Baby Asparagus Asparagus Spring
Phalanx Purple Asparagus Fall
Angel Lantern Strawberry Fall
Princess' Eye Angel Lantern Summer
white berries strawberries winter
Magic Berry White Berry Spring
blackcurrant blueberries grassy winter
Cranberry Blueberry Winter
Goldberry Cranberry Spring
jalapeños hot pepper swampy spring
Habanero Hot Pepper Fall
Dragon Pepper Jalapeños Winter
Devil Pepper Habanero Summer
Savoy Spinach Spinach Spring
Baby Spinach Spinach Winter
Lilac Spinach Savoy Spinach Fall
Pink Spinach Baby Spinach Winter
Squash Pumpkin Spring
Zucchini Pumpkin Summer
Giant Squash Squash Summer
Creme Pumpkin Squash Winter
Giant Pumpkin Giant Squash Fall
Cannonball Watermelon Summer
Mellow Yellow Watermelon Summer
Snowman Mellow Yellow Winter
Kegling Cannonball Fall
Giant Potato Potato Fall
Purple Potato Potato Winter
Black Potato Purple Potato Summer
Titan Potato (possible Sasha reference) Black Potato Winter


Mutation Base crop Soil type Season
White Tulip Tulip Dry
Yellow Tulips Tulips Dry Spring
White Dahlia dahlia any Summer
Yelloe Dahlia Dahlia Summer
Sunny Red Cosmos dry Fall
Pink Carnation Carnation Fall
Purple Pansy Pink Pansy Winter
Yellow Pansy Pansy Winter
Viola Purple Pansy Winter
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