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Crops 6

Crops are one of the most important things in this game. Go to the Flower Shop in Town to buy Crop Seeds to plant. Till the land with your Hoe in a 3 x 3 Square Pattern. Then stand in the middle and plant the Seeds. You must water the seeds every day and eventually they will be ready for Harvest. Once they are ready for Harvest, place them in your Shipping Bin to earn a Profit! Another thing to watch out for is that Crops are Seasonal, as in certain Crops will only grow in certain Seasons.

There are no crops available to grow during the Fall season.

Name Season Cost Sell For Grows Regrow?
Potato Spring 200 G 80 G 6 Days No
Turnip Spring 200 G 60 G 4 Days No
Corn Summer 300 G 120 G 11 Days 3 Days
Tomato Summer 300 G 100 G 7 Days 3 Days
Pasture Grass all but Winter 500 G 0 G 9 Days 7 Days

Grass can be used to feed your animals. Once the Grass is fully grown you can cut the grass and store it as Fodder in your Silo. Grass can be cut from Spring through Fall, but during Winter it remains dormant and won't grow back until next Spring.[1]



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