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Crops are available to grow in Harvest Moon.

Seeds can be purchased from the Flower Shop. Crops will grow in a 3x3 square on your farm, which you can till with your hoe. In order to plant your seeds correctly, stand in the middle of the 3x3 square to plant all 9 seeds.

Crops must be watered daily in order for them to grow. Rainy days water planted crops automatically (crops planted in the rain must be watered by the player).

Once they are fully grown and ready for harvest, place them in the shipping bin.

Certain crops are only available during certain seasons, and there are no crops available to grow during the Fall season.

Name Season Cost Sell For Grows Regrow?
Turnip (HM) fruit
Turnip Spring 200 G 60 G 4 Days No
Potato (HM) fruit
Potato Spring 200 G 80 G 6 Days No
Tomato (HM) fruit
Tomato Summer 300 G 100 G 7 Days 3 Days
Corn (HM) fruit
Corn Summer 300 G 120 G 11 Days 3 Days
Grass all but Winter 500 G 0 G 9 Days 7 Days


Turnip Growth Stages
  • When the ripe plant is picked
  • After 1 full day of seeded.
  • After 2 days of sprout, ready for harvest.
  • When the fruit is thrown.

The turnip is the first crop available to the player


The potato appears as a seed for 3 days, a sprout for 3 days, and then it's ripe.


Section for tomatoes.


Section for tomatoes.


Grass can be used to feed your animals. Once the Grass is fully grown you can cut the grass and store it as Fodder in your Silo. Grass can be cut from Spring through Fall, but during Winter it remains dormant and won't grow back until next Spring.[1]

Planting Strategy


It is important to pace the planting because

  • You don't want to be stuck with money on the weekends,
  • you want to plant a set number of crops every day so harvesting is continuous instead of bursty so that you have time to go to town/the forest.
  • you don't want to plant crops that will be killed by a season change before they can be harvested
  • seasonally, even though potatoes earn more/G, turnips provide more profit because they grow quicker. Also, this means for highest efficiency, the last planting of the spring should be maxed for potatoes.
  • It's good to maximize forage sales to the Peddler on Sundays. To accomplish this, it's good to skip or minimize harvests. It's most crucial to optimize turnips and potatoes since they don't renew their fruits: avoid planting turnips on thursday, and avoid planting potatoes on Saturday.


Since crops become impassible with growth, it is generally more effective to only plant 6-8 seeds of a given seed bag in specific patterns. This is because watering and harvesting are limited by energy, the shipping deadline, and proximity to shipping locations.


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