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Plants can be planted on your farm, naturally. But in Light of Hope, you can also grow crops in other areas outside of your farm. Crops can be grown all year long, and the same crop seeds can be planted every season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. This means that any crop can be planted all year long without it dying. It's health will most likely end up "poor", meaning the plant is weak and might not survive another day. With that being said, crops will therefore grow better in specific seasons. Depending on multiple factors, the crop may mutate to become another crop. You can read more about mutations at the Crop Mutations page.

When you first start on your farm, Jeanna will give you a watering can, hoe, and cabbage seeds to help you getting started as a farmer. She will also show you how to do simple farm tasks such as tilling the soil, planting seeds and watering the plants so they can grow and turn into crops that you can harvest. Plants do not need watering on rainy or snowy days, which means on these days you have the time and stamina to do other things, such as fishing or going to the mine.

Terrain Types

Terrain TypesLoH

There are four types of terrain you can plant crops in. Different terrain are in different areas of Beacon Island. A terrain will not change from one type to another.
  1. Grassy: This soil can be found everywhere on your farm on both sides of the bridges.
  2. Mixed: A combination of dry and grassy soil found in the mountain area just north of your farm. It is also on the cliff area above Sofia's Livestock shop.
  3. Dry: At the top of the mountain above the Goddess' Spring, by Edmond's house.
  4. Swamp: Found in the southwest corner of the island. You'll need to repair some bridges after you complete the main storyline to reach these areas. 

Picking the terrain to grow your crops in won't affect growth rate, but it can affect the chance of triggering a crop mutation. These new types of crops grow from basic seeds and can be used for cooking recipes, making fertilizer, completing villager requests, or selling for more profit (though in general, mining is more profitable than farming).

Terrain will not change from one type to another based on environmental factors; rainy days will not turn grassy terrain into swampy terrain.

To plant a seed, simply use your hoe on the terrain of choice, then press the action button to till the terrain. If you have upgraded your hoe at Gus' blacksmith shop, hold down the action button to power up and extend the range of terrain you're impacting. Then simply move your cursor over to the freshly-tilled area and press the action button again to select the seed you want to plant. Again, you can hold down the action button to spread the seeds in a 3x3 range.


New seeds will be for sale as you proceed through the game. Sam sells crop seeds and Carol sells flower seeds.

  • Sam's shop is open Monday through Saturday from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Sam's location will change depending on the day of the week, so check your in-game map to see if he's either in Beacon Town, on your farm, or in the Mountain area.
  • Carol's shop is also open Monday through Saturday, but she stays in Beacon Town and doesn't move around like Sam does. Her hours are from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

The basic level of seeds unlock naturally as you restore the lighthouse, while the hybrid seeds unlock as you sell a certain number of harvests (10, 20, or 30). Selling crops to unlock their seeds can be done either by shipping the crops in your shipping bin or selling them directly to Sam (crops) or Carol (flowers). You can also sell your crops to Bastian, who will buy your grown crops for more than what you can earn from selling directly to Sam or placing in your shipping bin.

When going to buy seeds from Sam or Carol, the seed review screen will tell you the preferred season the crop grows in, the type of terrain it likes, how many days it will take for the crop to mature, and if the crop can be harvested more than once. A bag of seeds will plant one crop in your tilled soil. If you want to plant 9 crops, you've to buy 9 bags of seeds.

Plant Health

Technically, the plants will grow without daily watering, but NOT watering your plants will negatively affect the plants "health". You can get a general idea of how healthy you plants are by standing next to the plant. A thought-bubble will appear, with a background colour basted on the crop's health level:

Plant Health

The higher the crop's health, the better the chance of it surviving bad weather storms and possibly mutating into a new type of crop if grown on the right terrain and in the right season. Poor health crops have a greater chance of wilting the next morning. If your crop's health is poor, you can sprouce it up by applying fertilizer . You can add fertilizer once per day after you water the plants. Fertilizer can be purchased from Carol's flower shop or manufactured at the Fertilizer Bin on your farm. There are two other Fertilizer Bins on the island, which are both connected to the main one on your farm from storage purposes. 

Plants that are healthy can also live through the season change.


Image Name Cost Season Terrain Days

(Sam) Normal Quality

(Sam) Great Quality

(Bastian) Normal Quality

(Bastian) Great Quality

Cabbage 20G Spring / Fall / Winter All 3 Days 40G
Red Cabbage
Red Cabbage 20G Spring / Fall / Winter All 3 Days 60G
Huge Cabbage
Huge Cabbage 110G Spring / Fall All 8 Days 260G
Green Cabbage LOH
Green Cabbage 120G Spring / Summer Swampy 6 Days 250G 380G
Dome Cabbage LOH
Dome Cabbage 260G Spring / Winter Grassy 8 Days 590G 890G
Celery LOH
Celery 20G Spring / Fall All 6 Days 70G 110G
White Celery LOH
White Celery 40G Spring / Fall All 6 Days 80G 120G
Mystic Herb LOH
Mystic Herb 80G Spring / Summer Grassy 8 Days 180G 270G
Royal Herb LOH
Royal Herb 260G Fall / Winter Mixed 8 Days 580G 870G
Onion LOH
Onion 30G Spring / Summer Mixed 6 Days 70G 110G 105G
Scallion 40G Spring / Summer All 6 Days 80G 120G
Petite Onion LOH
Petite Onion 90G Spring Dry 4 Days 190G 290G
Red Onion
Red Onion 180G Spring / Summer All 8Days 390G
Pearl Onion LOH
Pearl Onion 180G Fall / winter Grassy 8 Days 390G 560G
Strawberry LOH
Strawberry 20G Spring / Fall All

8 Days

40G 60G 60G
Tomato LOH
Tomato 30G Summer / Fall All 6 Days 70G 105G
San Marzano
San Marzano 50G Summer / Fall Dry 6 Days 110G
Corn LOH
Corn 20G Summer / Fall All 6 Days
40G 60G
Fodder Corn
Fodder Corn 20G Summer / Winter All 6 Days (Regrows) 40G 60G
Sweet Corn
Sweet Corn 30G Spring / Summer All 8 Days (Regrows)
Green Pepper
Green Pepper 20G Spring / Summer All 8 Days


40G 60G
Orange Pepper
Orange Pepper 40G


Grassy 8 Days (Regrows) 80G
Wheat 20G Spring / Summer / Fall Grassy 4 Days 40G
Durum Wheat
Durum Wheat 20G Spring / Summer / Fall Mixed 4 Days 40G
Hot Pepper
Hot Pepper 20G Summer / Fall All 6 Days


40G 60G 60G 90G
Habanero 20G Fall Mixed 6 Days (Regrows) 40G 60G 60G 90G
Potato 20G Summer / Fall All 4 Days 40G 60G
Giant Potato
Giant Potato Fall All 4 Days
Carrot 20G Spring / Fall / Winter All 4 Days 40G
Baby Carrot
Baby Carrot 30G Spring / Fall / Winter Grassy 3 Days
Brown Carrot
Brown Carrot 40G Summer / Fall Swampy 5 Days 80G
Pumpkin 20G Spring / Fall All 9 Days


40G 60G 90G
Zucchini Summer Swampy 60G
Squash 40G Spring / Summer Grassy 10 Days


80G 120G
Spinach 20G Spring / Fall / Winter All 4 Days 40G 60G
Savoy Spinach
Savoy Spinach 40G Spring / Winter Grassy 5 Days
Broccoli 20G Summer / Fall / Winter All 6 Days 40G
Broccolini 30G All Grassy 5 Days
Blueberry 30G Summer / Fall Mixed 12 Days


Watermelon 50G Summer / Fall Mixed 8 Days
Asparagus 30G Summer / Fall Grassy 12 Days



Image Name Cost Season Terrain Days Sell Price
Grapefruit 2,000G Spring All 28 Days 100G
Peach 3,000G Summer All 28 Days 200G
Apple 3,000G Fall All 28 Days 150G
Orange 3,000G Winter All 28 Days 300G


Note: The sell prices are for Carol only. If you ship flowers or sell them to Sam they will be worth less. 

Image Name Cost Season Terrain Days Normal Quality Great Quality
Marguerite loh
Marguerite 20G Spring All 4 Days 75G 120G
Tulip 30G Spring All 6 Days 105G 165G
Tulip-white1 White Tulip 40G Spring All 6 Days 135G 210G
Tulip-yellow Yellow Tulip 40G Spring All 6 Days 135G 210G
Pink rose
Pink Rose 80G Spring All 12 Days 420G 630G
Sunflower 20G Summer All 6 Days 75G 120G
Pink dahlia
Pink Dahlia 50G Summer All 8 Days 225G 345G
White dahlia
White Dahlia 110G Summer All 8 Days 435G 660G
Yellow dahlia
Yellow Dahlia 110G Summer All 8 Days 435G 660G
Red Rose
Red Rose 80G Summer All 12 Days 420G 630G
Cosmos 30G Fall All 6 Days 105G 165G
Flower sunnyred
Sunny Red 40G Fall All 6 Days 135G 210G
Carnation 40G Spring, Fall All 8 Days 165G
Flower pcarnation
Pink Carnation Fall All 8 Days 435G 660G
White Rose
White Rose 80G Fall All 12 Days 420G 630G
Flower pansy
Pink Pansy 30G Winter All 8 Days 105G 165G
Flower ypansy
Yellow Pansy 60G Winter All 6 Days 210G 315G
Flower ppansy
Purple Pansy 60G Winter All 6 Days 210G 315G
Viola 80G Winter All 6 Days 270G 405G
Blue Rose 80G Winter All 12 Days 420G 630G
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